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So there was this last weekend:

At the Close: A Harry Potter Wars Comment Ficathon

I took my time this week to write and read. I don't think any of mine need warnings except maybe for violent imagery for the Voldemort and Bellatrix ones.

My contributions:
Minerva McGonagall/Tom Riddle - First Wizarding War and previously
i have searched for your springs
but people, they stagnate with time

Voldemort + Tom Riddle!Nagini
You're the closest I'll ever be to me

bellatrix/tom - first war
The cinders, they splinter
And light the path

Minerva McGonagall- Apocalypse Please by Muse

Other comment fics I really liked:
[profile] falseeeyelashes
the stigmata - bellatrix/rodolphus - azkaban

[personal profile] digi_dragon
Neville/Luna - post war - you musn't give your heart to a wild thing.

[personal profile] rumpledlinen
Neville - post HBP
And you know that, mother, I'd be lying
If I didn't tell you I'm afraid of dying

I really liked this Neville POV.

[personal profile] anythingbutgrey
Ginny Weasley, post-war, She has her own names for her children.
Um, this one makes a reeeeeally good point. Oh, Ginny.

[profile] eleusis_walks
boys who lived - neville/dean - second war - nc-17
This isn't a ship I've seen before, but in this context it REALLY works.

[profile] eleusis_walks
la maquis - beauxbatons - second war (pg-13)

[personal profile] rumpledlinen
No Regrets - Frank/Alice - The First War (PG-13)
i don't want to think back to the one thing that i know i should have done
Alice Longbottom is fierce.

[profile] and_backagain
I Feel It All - Dumbledore's Army - Second War
Warnings for violence/torture: Hogwarts during the time of siege (not very graphic, just disturbing)

[profile] quidditchkiss
In the Deepest Hollow of Our Minds; A System Failure Left Behind -- Remus/Sirius -- G
Remus quoting Shakespeare during sex... GUH. This one has no comments but mine. You should all read it and tell the author how amazing it is!
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I wrote Once the Dancing Stops from the 80's fantasy movie Legend (with Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry - it was cracktastic yet indelible). I struggled really hard with this story, as some of you saw. Many times. I am happy with how it turned out, though.

As an extra, I also wrote I Know What It's Like, which turned out to be my first original character fic written for any kind of publication. The prompt for The Beatles album Revolver - "If any of these songs stimulate you to write a story, I will be delighted." - caught my eye and the characters were there as soon as I reread the lyrics of "She Said, She Said". I might be working more on the story. It's kinda exciting.

(If I can get an Alice ficlet done for Anime Girl. That is my first priority.)

I had ten wonderful stories written for me (since I had been defaulted upon) in Fringe, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Decemberists - Hazards of Love, and Addams Family. Yes, all of my prompts were fulfilled. These gifts included ones by [ profile] agonistes and [ profile] dictator_duck and WOW I got a [ profile] zarahemla Fringe story! *dances about with glee*

'Twas a fine Yuletide. I've stalled in making my way through more stories, but I will get there. I have all year! I look forward to next year. I may already have my prompts planned.
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A post in two parts, since I kept running out of time/energy/will to post them earlier.

Star Trek!!!! )

My dreams are freakin' cool )
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Posted for [ profile] halfamoon

Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Bela Talbot
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own this character or her universe. I just like to play in it when I can.
Summary: Layers barely seen in a life half-lived
Notes: Pre-canon, concurrent with end of season 1
(This is a ficlet modified slightly from a Conversations with Dead People plot entry in the RPG [ profile] milliways_bar, where I've played Bela since last March.)

Haunted by Dreams: 959 words )
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In a fit of madness, I signed up for both the [ profile] hp_beholder and the [ profile] hp_april_fools challenges. *facepalm*

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Oh wow. If you enjoyed Mystery Spot and/or love SPN, please go read Wednesday's Child by [ profile] isabeau. It will give you shivers.
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Now that Yuletide authors are revealed, I am proud to announce my contributions! This year, I was able to write two stories, which was a lofty goal I set and met.

I wrote Falling Up from Fallen for [ profile] bonibaru - this year was the first time I wrote for someone I actually knew, so it was a story I really wanted to do well with. Fallen is an ABC Family miniseries involving angels, Fallen and Flying, and Nephilim. It's great fun, and Azazel is a glorious character to write.

I wrote The Lady of the House of the Arch from Neverwhere for [ profile] such_heights as an extra treat. It was an extra treat to write, and much of it might sound familiar to Millimuns.

I have rebound from the post-holiday blues, it would seem, and I am feeling pretty good on this first day of 2008. It's also P's birthday (OMG HE IS OLD!) and we are having much fun doing family things. So yay. I prefer being cheerful.
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Well. We have a white Christmas. Lots of it. I am biting my nails regarding my flight at 1:30, but hopefully things will be okay.

In the meantime, we has Yuletide!

I got a Pretty in Pink story in which Duckie is victorious!!!!!

AND I got a cute Laverne and Shirley story in which Lenny is cute.

What a nice Christmas surprise! Thank you, Yuletide Santas!

Also, there are nine Neverwhere stories. YAY!
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Mmph. Writer's strike. It needs to happen, and I totally understand why the writers are making this stand. But- but I just want my Supernatural season to be uninterrupted.

The world must stop for me, dammit!

I keep adding to my Yuletide story, but it is growing like flopsy without any good direction. I think I might have to rethink how I am approaching it. Still, I am proud to have it started more than one week before the deadline.
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Day 6, and we have a "Samhain, what the heck was it really?" fact. As you might recall from Day 1, a researcher has not found the word mentioned in British records until the 18th century. It most certainly is not used in reference to Samhain, Lord of the Dead as so many books suggest.

Some interesting information from A Heretical History of Halloween about good old Samhain:
"Samhain (also spelled samain, samuin or samhuinn) is a Gaelic word signifying the end of summer. A suggested etymology is sam 'summer' (as in samrad, the Old Irish word for summer) and fuin 'end'. The term was brought to Gaelic-speaking areas of Scotland along with the Irish Scots who settled there.

No form of the word samhain is found in any other Celtic language. Samhain feasts, which took place on and around November first, are only recorded in ancient Irish literature. Early Welsh literature, such as the Mabinogian, makes no reference to any festival occurring on that date. Thus, it is inaccurate to describe Samhain as 'Celtic'. The word, and any festivals associated with it, are specifically Irish in origin."

I take this Halloween post to pimp another holiday-related item - While We Tell of Yuletide Treasures fic challenge sign ups. For those who don't know what Yuletide is, it's a fic challenge dealing in obscure or not wildly popular fandoms. I have participated every year in Yuletide, and I have had some fabulous stories written for me, including a beautiful and sad Neverwhere story and a fabulous Addams Family story about Wednesday and Joel, her beau from the second movie. I've stretched myself to write in fandoms I normally would never write in. Yuletide is always a fun challenge, and I encourage everyone who likes to write to give it a try!
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OOH! Fun meme! As seen in [ profile] viridian's journal:

Name a character that you know I write or have written, and I'll tell you:

a. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her.
b. One of his/her best traits.
c. One of his/her worst traits.
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character.
e. The story/chapter/paragraph/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character.
f. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future.

In other news, I am so ridiculously tired that I am going to bed and curl up with some graphic novels. For about five minutes before I pass out.
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This is the funniest fic I've read in quite some time. And it matches my icon!

How Hermione Granger Learned There Are Worse Things Than Being Shipped With Professor Snape
by [ profile] jellybellys

A sample:
“There isssss only one Lord Voldemort and it issss me, you ssssssneaky bassssstard!” Voldemort said, completely throwing a hissy fit.

“Oh, look at you,” Riddle said contemptuously, “you’re disgusting and your followers are morons and you can’t say “s” without spitting out a fountain.”

“And you are sssshorter and not assss pale or badassss assss me with absssssolutely no followerssss!” Voldemort retorted.

“At least I’m hot,” Riddle sneered.

Voldemort opened his mouth, then shut it and was forced to concede the point with a nod.
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There was no new Heroes tonight. This was... wrong. I want new Heroes, all the time!

So... has anyone encountered Sylar-Tom Riddle fic out there? I know it's a long shot, but the two are eerily similar. To me, anyway. I've decided Sylar is one of my favorite villains ever.

Any other good fic recs of a Sylar nature? *makes shiny eyes*
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I wrote a little ficlet today. It's the first time I've been able to write in a non-RP format in a while, so it was a big relief. I've been thinking about my Tom Riddle-Pevensie children crossover more lately, so maybe I can get going on that again. It would be a good story if I could just get it written.

Work, you see, has become dead again. Mind-numbingly busy or mind-numbingly boring. That's how it goes. I'm doing a lot of "research" on teaching technology in a K-5 environment, since that part of the Internet is not filtered. Muhahaha. So crossing my fingers for Thursday.

I signed up for the [ profile] riddle_gifts fic exchange, so if nothing else I'll have time to write the story I'm assigned.

I've been tired again this week. Sleep is calling me extra early. Zzzzzzz.
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I had not been able to catch up on Torchwood for a while (and I am still behind), but I had been despairing for what I was noticing in a decrease in the quality of the stories. I watched 1X09-Random Shoes and 1X10-Out of Time. Both were incredible, and they have restored my faith. I liked watching the two together; they fit well with each other thematically.

Yay, good TV.

Also, yay Yuletide. Now that the reveal has occurred, I am proud to say I was able to write a Stephen King It story I'd always wanted to see. It's called Ebb and Flow, and it's set post-book and focuses on Ben/Beverly.

I should do recs, but I am weary today. However, I have to single out two very good stories I read today (today's the first day I've been able to really sit down and read - and OMG was I busy with read read reading) one of which has been recognized by many comments and one which has very few.

The Mostly-Secret Diary of Rick is a hilarious Young Ones fic. I laughed very hard as I read it.
my shining palace built upon sand was a lovely Sleepy Hollow fic post-movie with some nice characterization of Ichabod and Katrina.

There were many, many more excellent stories, and I am so very pleased to have been a part of the challenge for the fourth year.
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Visit going fine, but omg Internet withdrawal. I miss my nightly AIM sessions.

We just watched "Little Miss Sunshine" - what a funny movie. It gives hope to all of us whose family's put the fun in dysfunctional.

Also finished reading The Sparrow today. I need to reread, but as usual, Lynette steered me to a book I absolutely adore. It was moving in ways I can't quite verbalize till I read it again.

My Yuletide recipient enjoyed the story I wrote, and I've received more comments on it than in past years, so go me. I'm glad I wrote something totally out of my comfort zone.
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My Yuletide story is called The Bridal Path, and it's a perfectly twisted Addams Family (movie) story featuring Wednesday/Joel.

I love it.


Thanks, Yuletide Santa!!!

Also? We opened our prezzies, and yay. I received wonderful gifts this year. P. loves his new MP3 player, and I have inherited his old iPod (which was Aspen's originally - talk about a hand-me-down).

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Ah, relief... Yuletide story is being given a once over, and it turned out, if not brilliant, then not embarrassing, either. I was sweating it this year, as I had a lack of inspiration, even though I had an idea from the beginning. But phew, well over 1000 words and done. WHAT A WEIGHT OFF MY SHOULDERS.

I am also having great fun Mways way. I love silly plot. It is the best.
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Phew. 646 words into Yuletide, and I'm not half done yet. Taking hand break now. I've had a bit of- not writer's block, per se, since the story has played out in my head plenty, but the actual act of writing block. However, it's spooling out now, at least.

I love my comm. I updated love for a few folks I'd missed Friday.

And OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NNY!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you've had a great day. You deserve it.
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I have a new kitty. Her name is Spot, she's four, and she's hiding under the bed right now, the poor dear. And Lynette - guess what? She's from Boston!

I'll have pictures soon.

I also have a fic in mind. A non-Milliways crossover fic that is percolating in my mind so interestingly that I'm getting really excited to write it. Now I just have to figure out how. I can do little bits of typing at a time, and little bits of voice dictation at a time, but that is not enough time to get down what I want to write. Hmmm. I'll figure it out. It's rare I get excited over canon fic, especially since I haven't written much of it at all since RPG took over my writing world. (It's Narnia-Harry Potter, btw).

Two and a half weeks till a week of vacation. A whole week of being spoiled rotten at my Mom's for my birthday. I can not wait. I haven't had a whole week off in over a year, and I feel like a wilted plant trying to find the sun.

But I have kitties and stories and, ooh, cookies! Yum!


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