Dec. 21st, 2011 07:42 pm
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Back when Dreamwidth first came about, I was highly disgruntled about the people evangelizing the service. They seemed holier than thou with their “oooh our site is better and more sensitive and for very special snowflakes like us” pitch. I ignored it. I swore I would never switch to DW. After all, I’d had a journal at GJ that never got used. My Journalfen and Insane Journal accounts went pretty much unused. I was a loyal user, and the thought of leaving LJ made me furious.

Then LJ started to work less and less reliably. More and more changes were made that concerned me. I wasn’t ready to leave LJ, but I was ready to back up my journal on DW and start cross-posting. Since that time, LJ has had even more difficulty – through no fault of its own – from the DDOS attacks. And now, with the non-optional comment page changes rendering certain RP structures and fannish memes inoperable on LJ (as well as providing that ridiculous icon option that will be difficult for anyone relying on screen readers, stuck with limited bandwidth, or slow computers), I am ready to move on even further.

I’ve made the decision to post comments as on all friends’ posts originating on DW instead of LJ, and if LJ doesn't fix the current issues, I will disable commenting on LJ. I can give LJ folks access to my DW journal, so if you plan to stay here, we can still communicate. It’s time, I think, to make the shift. Enough of my friends are cross-posting now, and I’ll still read my LJ friends list and comment to people who have not made the switch.

If you choose to stay with LJ, I certainly don’t think less of you, especially those of you with permanent accounts! I just can’t be a part of this site like I once was.

When it comes down to it, DW works in ways that LJ does not. I was loyal to LJ a long, long time, but I am now a completely dissatisfied customer. There is no advertising on DW, which is nice for mobile phone views or for when I’m not at a computer with Ad Block. It’s fandom friendly. I don’t interact with the people who I disliked at the beginning of this saga, so that’s a non-issue. There are fic challenges, RP comms, and everything else on DW. And if service goes down – and it has in the past year a couple of times – it’s only for a brief period of time, and we always get updates and how they’re addressing the problems.

The people who run DW give a damn about the users. Lj? Not so much.


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