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Let me 'splain.

No, let me sum up.

The 2:00 AM clown madness came from this story that has followed us through this weekend gathering of friends:

So there's a babysitter at a house, and the parents call to check in.

"How is everything, babysitter?"

"Everything is fine."

(Oh, and there's a serial killer on the loose, I always forget to mention that part.)

"Everything is fine, but I was wondering if I could move the clown statue. It's freaking me out."

"...What clown statue?!?!?!?!?!?!"

As with any of these wacky stories, it's funnier and makes more sense in person. WE ARE HAVING A ZANY GOOD TIME.
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Ahahaha. I am halfway to 1000 for Yuletide. PHEW. I was worried I wasn't going to get anything down at the rate I was fretting. This year, I am not going to sweat going too much beyond 1000. As long as I make the requirement and write something decent, I'm golden. I am getting there, I think, and fulfilling my recipient's wishes. So.

In other writing news, I have been thinking about folks who write copious amounts and have a lot of work behind them. When the LJ servers moved, I realized that I have written copious amounts in the past four years, via RP. My work is just slightly more ephemeral than what others might have in files on their computers. Since I've had limited success with using LJ Archive for a couple of my RP journals, and since I can't archive my main community, I am undertaking a ridiculously large archiving project. I am going through my memories. All of them. I expand all the threads under the main post, and I then save the entire web page with a dating convention and brief summary. Then I'll burn everything to disc, and I will have my writing and my collaborative writing in files I can access no matter what happens to servers or with hackers or with the Intarwebs exploding.

It will make me happy.

It will also take OMG a long time. If anyone from [ profile] milliways_bar wants to join in, I think it would be cool. We could get a good deal of the community archived if we worked together. I'd be happy to coordinate.
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You know, just the other day in the back room, we were posting about our RP characters' hypothetical action figures, and I bemoaned the fact there was no Tom Riddle action figure.

I was wrong..

I don't need to buy this. I'm going to anyway.

*bounces like a bouncy thing*
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Phew. 646 words into Yuletide, and I'm not half done yet. Taking hand break now. I've had a bit of- not writer's block, per se, since the story has played out in my head plenty, but the actual act of writing block. However, it's spooling out now, at least.

I love my comm. I updated love for a few folks I'd missed Friday.

And OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NNY!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you've had a great day. You deserve it.
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I have learned that I no longer can stay up till 1:30 AM and then go to work without being in significant displeasure the following day. I did manage to stay awake all day, but man, it was touch and go for a bit. But then there was home and a nap and rain, lots of rain. Tomorrow will be a glorious day off.

However, Pearl Jam was just... wow. I liked Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers quite a bit, but I was really there for Pearl Jam. And Eddie Vedder. Yum. Whut? They played a lot of their older "hits" like Black and oh my, I certainly enjoyed hearing that song live. Plus it's always a delight to see [ profile] sir_gareth who is brilliant and gave us wonderful ideas for Millicon.

Speaking of which, I have finalized my costume plans. I am... giddy. I feel I ought to warn all of the folks who have not met me but who are going to meet me about the giddy thing. I do tend to get a little hyper when excited. I might be bouncy a lot of the time. I will try to calm down a wee bit, or at least keep my voice from hitting the shrill zone.

In other Milli-related news - HP plot is done, and it was very well received. I am so proud of how it went, but now I am kind of like "Oh. It's done." Not in a displeased way, just in a kind of "Huh. That went by really fast." kind of way. Now I am determined to have closure. One thing I have regretted a great deal in my past RP life is being a part of a major plot and then never really having the follow up I craved due to lack of time or other things. Like last year with the Academy plot, I had my hand failure and I just could not follow up on things IC. That always made me sad. So hopefully this time will be different. But tonight I am taking a little break. I am too tired to think very straight, so I shall not be playing.

OH! I posted about my old love for Dr. Who from my wee geeklet days. I am now in mad, passionate love with the new Dr. Who - I saw the first of the 10th Dr., and while I really like the 9th a great deal, I luuuurve the 10th. I am also catching up on old threads of the Doctor's and Ace's in Milliways, because both characters are played very well. I also understand one of my favorite fic writers from the Buffy fandom is writing Dr. Who fic. This is a good thing. Somewhere in the basement I have an old Dr. Who annual with info up to the 7th doctor, I believe. I shall go looking for it now, and for my black college graduation gown.

ETA: OOOH, it's the 20th Anniversary special from Britain. How did I get a hold of that when I was 13?

Wow, I really rambled tonight, but I haven't posted in a while. I also ought to have RP filtered this, but I am just going to obnoxious instead. Sorry.
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[For Milliways Folks Who Have Read Aspen's Millicon Registration Post]

Please answer in the comments the following so you can have pretty badges for Con and a surprise!

Give me:

The name you want to go by:
Your LJ name:
Either pictures of three-four character icons you wish to represent you, or the names and a link to your user pictures:
The URL of your favorite Milliways thread ever:

Yes, just one. Say sorry.

For example:

Name to go by: Vivien
LJ name: vivien529
Character icons:
Tom - Loved
Ingress - Hee hee hee
Susan - Lovely

URL of favorite thread ever:

ETA: It can certainly be one of your own!!!

Easy peasy!
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I had an idea for a fic challenge - just 500 words (or more of course) based on the fanfic remix that [ profile] musesfool runs every year. This is the first time I've tried something like this, so bear with me. :)

I propose a Milliways Memories Remix!

There's a reason we memory threads - they are either funny, or important for plot, or, well, memorable. Let's open those threads we think were memorable for others to not only read, but to interpret and remix and write ficlets about.

This is how it will work. You will ask for five characters you'd like to read about (they can be your own). You offer to write for five characters (who are not your own, just to make it more challenging)who have at least 5 threads in their memories. I'm not going to check journals for memories, so you're going to have to do that.

You'd get assigned another person's request. You pick a requested character, choose a thread from his/her/its memories, and pick a moment to expand upon, a "what if it had gone this way" digression, or whatever. Make it funny, make it poignant, make it whatever you think the person you'd like in a ficlet form.

I'll take sign-ups through Saturday. I'll assign folks their requests sometime during next week. It's only 500 words, so let's make the due date April 1st. I will either make a community in which we can post on our own, or do a post in Millirific for people to comment to.

Comments are screened - only I will see them (I hope). Copy and paste the following and join the fun!

Tell me 5 (or 3 or 6 or whatever) characters you want to read (i.e. someone else will write about these as a surprise for you):

Tell me 5 characters you would write about for someone else:

Shall we be sneaky and post anonymously at first with a big reveal later? Yes or no
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Slytherdor )

Jen's daughter has a major thing for Draco. She's been arguing with us all weekend how unfair and mean it was for him to be turned into a bouncing ferret. It is most amusing. The other daughter is mooning over Cedric. It's awesome.

I am reading So You Want To Be a Wizard and enjoying it muchly. There is major plot a-brewing over at Milliways to unite Neverwhere and Young Wizards canon, so I am trying to read the series as quickly as possible.

Why am I not further up on the holds list for "Love in a Cold Climate" at the library? We wants it, my precious.

Will Farrell is a doofus. And not in a good way. "Bewitched" (the movie) should be much funnier that it actually is. Hmm. Back to the book, I think.
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If you can see this, then you are on the Horcrux Filter! You are either someone whose opinion's I consider important, someone who interacts with Tom a lot, or a HP character-mun, or all of the above.

So John had this brilliant idea about Tom - the Tom in Milliways - being the horcrux that was set free when Dumbledore broke the black stoned Sytherin ring. After all, where does a fragment of soul go when set free like that? All credit goes to John, and this theory meshes incredibly well with Tom's Millicanon while weaving in actual canon, as well. I've thought on this a while, and I am writing the following ficlet as a result. It is rough and could use critiquing. I also would like to puzzle out some ways it could be brought out in game. Cygnus and I had a few ideas, but you guys are plot-o-rific folks. This is something we could hold off on, if we wanted to have End of Seventh Year plot in the Tom-Tonks wizarding world. Help me out?

Here is what I have so far.

July 1, 1954, Albania

The man who was once Tom Marvolo Riddle – “I am Lord Voldemort” – stood over a bound and gagged wizard huddled on the stone floor. This drugged man had once been his mentor, an extremely powerful follower of Grindelwald Voldemort had tracked to this remote part of Albania. He was powerful, but not powerful enough. The student had eclipsed the teacher, and still Voldemort did not have the power he wanted, the power he needed. He wanted to rule the world, and he wasn’t even close yet.

He swallowed down the potion that would allow his soul to shatter more easily into the signet ring the soon-to-be-deceased wizard once possessed. Stupid man. Voldemort had known a moment after meeting him that he’d stolen the ring off a young pregnant woman in London in the 1920’s. For all his power, the man was not a very good Occlumens and it didn’t take someone with the highest NEWT scores ever earned to figure out who the woman must have been.

Voldemort had been more patient than he thought he could be. The memory of his mother had spurned on his revenge, but the old yearnings he’d thought long buried had come back as well. The need for something he could not name – would not name – had coiled itself in the back of his mind, making him weak. He’d been wanting to make another horcrux, to hedge his bets, so to speak, as the diary alone would not be enough to assure him immortality. The ring that had been his mother's - no doubt an important heirloom - would be an appropriate vessel for his soul. Now he would be able to excise that weakness within him. You could direct which parts of your soul to fragment – he knew that now. He would excise all that lingered within him that had made up Tom Marvolo Riddle.

The potion went to work, making him dizzy for a moment. Then his head cleared and with all the hatred he possessed, he raised his wand to first wake the wizard and then murder him. The horcrux would be well made.

July 1, 1996, London

In a Wizarading world in which Merope Gaunt Riddle never existed, but Julia deHavilland Riddle did, Albus Dumbledore held a black signet ring in his hand. He would crack the black stone and when he did so, his hand would wither and blacken. In this world, where there would be in nearly a year a Death Eater attack on the village of Hogsmeade, the curses set upon the ring to protect its contents would not be enough to overcome him, and Severus Snape would be able to treat him and cure his hand.

There would be no green flash of light on the top of a tower at Hogwarts the following June, but there would be one less horcrux shielding Voldemort from a common death.

July 1, 1996, Milliways/London Below/London Above

There was a cracking sound, Tom thought muzzily, as if a stone had split. He’d just drunk the potion, and his head felt funny, but that was to be expected. When he looked around, Tom – “I am Tom Marvolo Riddle.” – saw he was no longer in the castle room, his intended victim at his feet.

He was in a bar. And there were all sorts of strange people here with him.

He reached for the familiar shield of power and malice he reserved for any unfamiliar situation. He reached for it, and- he felt strange. Different. He felt as if he were someone else, all of a sudden. Someone who would love a stiff drink about now and a chance to rest and reach for something he could not - but perhaps would - name.
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Interests meme! )

That was fun.

Lynette? We're in trouble! )

Okay, off the computer for me. Naughty Viv.
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WHat a briliant way to waste time...

1. Go to the Elouai doll maker.
2. Make an ordinary doll of yourself and save it.
3. Take that doll and, leaving a couple things (nose, eyebrows, whatever) the same, Mary Sue yourself. Make the most blatant Mary Sue you can conceive.
4. Post "Before" and "After" in your LJ. Bonus points if your Sue has a backstory of some kind.

Here is Vivien.

Here is the Mary Sue Villain Version

Vivienne Delrid is an American transfer student to Hogwarts and is the daughter of Lord Voldemort - oh noes! She looks sweet and tiny but is evil evil evil and was sorted into Hufflepuff by mistake! And she has a crush on Harry Potter but oh boy, her dad would not like that! She has super extra magical powers and can apparate in Hogwarts cos she's different! Hermione hates her because she's smarter than she is! And her last name is an anagram for Riddle cos I am clever liek whoa!


By the way, P. is home, my dinner's are prepared for me once more, and baseball is back on tv. *happy sigh*

I've also had the most incredible weekend of RP ever. I love you, Millifolken! That was an amazing, wonderful wedding we all pulled off ;)
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Drabbles? Ask me for some! I am in an incredible writing mood for some reason.

I'll be best with HP and Milli-canon, and I don't fear future fic. Much.

Ask away!!
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[ profile] muffinbutt wrote me a drabble I'd wanted to see forever. It's Milliways-related - sorry folks - with teen-aged Sunny fleeing to the House of Arch and Tom in a fit of pique.

Of course, you realize as payback, [ profile] indy_go and [ profile] muffinbutt, the Opener children will be dashing of to Tonks and Bernard in their teens and getting into allll sorts of messes. :)

Hee hee hee
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Hhy not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...she/he wears mismatched socks." I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal.

I cry when I write. A lot. In RP, in fic, sometimes in IM's, even. Not "boo hoo wah" kind of crying, but just silent "tearing up with a tear or sliding down the cheek with sniffles" kind of crying. I also tear up at commercials when I don't even have PMS to blame. Such an emotional little thing I am, and words move me.

So. How about you guys?
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Pardon my whining. But... I hate grad school, I'm tired, and I want to play but caaaaaaan't.

Wah. I was even in a foul mood last night that was not boosted by retail therapy (but, ooh, shiny! I have two cute pairs of pants and a darling pair of shoes). I'll get over it. I blame my hormones whether it's that or not :P I have in the past two nights gone to sleep at my old normal time, and surprise, surprise! I haven't slept that great either night. That's some irony for you.

I did however get a Neverwhere-universe plot bunny from watching a documentary on the Great London Fire. *facepalms*

Stupid class... we hates it, my precious.

Must... leave... computer... lab.... *clutches onto keyboard while Responsibility pulls me awaaaaaaaay*


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