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This is not terrifying, per se, but I just watched it and now I'm a little scared.

What? I mean, seriously, what the hell? I don't know who the singer is or what the hell is going on, but hey, at least it's catchy!

If I was fourteen, this would be my FAVORITE VIDEO EVER OMG
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I love Craig Ferguson (the one in the tie) and his late show...

Around one minute, the puppets come on. They are always my favorite part.

(Yes, this is a recurring thing)

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Oh man... I had a to-do list today, but nothing's gotten done. SIGH. I... haven't even eaten anything. Oh dear. That's seriously bad slothtasticness.

*returns from obtaining snack*

I saw Twilight yesterday! )

One of my slothtastic activities today was to watch the latest South Park, which I haven't watched in ages. It was hilarious and it fits with the vampiric theme. You can watch it here. It's called "The Ungroundable" and it's basically Goth Kids vs Vampire Wannabes. Or, as this quote so eloquently puts it, "They aren't Goth kids, they're douchey little vampire kids!"


Okay. I am moving now. To do things. God.
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So... remember how I told some of you I was only getting one dragon egg?


Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!)
Adopt one today!
Now, I'd like Smauglin here to be a mummy. I click Actions, and I click Breed, and I refresh, refresh, refresh, but no boy dragons. Is there a trick I don't know?
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You guys... there is a Salad Fingers reference in one of the comics I read (Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli).

I am laughing so hard. Talk about bizarre! My staid newspaper has Salad Fingers.
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P. wants to build a Mithraic Temple in the backyard. Just a little one, you see. With columns and ready-made ruins. Animals are required in the tableau - a bull, obviously, but also mentioned as design motifs in our research are ravens, snakes, lions, and dogs.

There will be pictures.

I love my wacky husband.
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Man, these goddamn zombies make my head ache.

No, seriously.

Stupid-ass zombies. I ran over a few on my dash home to safety, and now my car's dented. This really pisses me off. Paul fought off a few with his cane as I ran the gauntlet from driveway to the front door. We've boarded up the windows, and now I have no nice view.

But we have plenty of supplies and lots of DVDs to watch, so I think we're good. Godspeed, all of you!

(And I do have a headache, really. It started earlier today when the raggedy ass zombie higher ups at work started making life annoying.)
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Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, aunts, and maternal mentors out there.

I have two funny things for everyone. Or at least they are funny to me. And I am a maternal mentor par excellence so I post what I like, muahahaha.

Is it just me, or has Voldemort visited Isaac, too? I want to see what he painted. Sylar will be SO jealous. *giggles*

[ profile] slytherincess had this, and I had to share. Because, dude. So funny. And fairly accurate!
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I finally got a chance to watch "Smith and Jones" (1st episode of Season 3 Dr. Who, for those not in that loop) tonight.

I love Martha. With much great love.

I love Ten with even greater love.


Also in yay kinds of news - the coyote in the Chicago Quizno's was released into the wild today. He's fine and dandy. Except for whacking into a fence as he sprinted from the crate. Poor thing. I am thinking this coyote is not the sharpest of the pack.
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EEE! Squid stuffed animal!!! I didn't know these existed. One must be miiiiine.

Also, this is ridiculous in the most wonderful way.

Yay, Lost is good this week! And Jack's not in the ep. Coincidence? I am thinking not.

Tonight's going to be an early night. I am le tired.
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This is a post of random.

I want a Supernatural vid made for me to this song: Love Is Stronger than Death by The The (Link is to lyrics; I have song). I have a birthday coming up! Hint hint?

Last night I dreamed I was on an arduous plane journey with many connections. I landed in Atlanta and looked at my itinerary and realized I had a six hour layover. So I called [ profile] agonistes and told her and she said she'd be right there to come visit. That was a nice dream, once the arduous part was over. :-P

Heroes tonight was the best of the season.

I... spent a ridiculous amount of money on skin care products tonight. *hangs head in shame and puts on my all-natural, anti-aging night cream... yum, happy skin!*

And now I am sleepy. What's new?
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Help me. I've watched the America's Top Model marathon ALL DAY.

I like Melrose. I can't stop watching. Last two episodes on now.

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I had a fun day.

I started it with Belly Dancing Fitness at my gym. I kinda loved it, and I got a great work out. They, um, do performances. The group of ladies all had the jingly belts and scraves, because it was just such fun to dance. I'm going back next Saturday.

Then there was Supernatural with my best SPN buddy AnimeGirl (Jen's younger daughter, who stayed the night with us after her performance in a two hour marathon of a middle school production of "High School Musical" the night before. Oy.) I also showed her [ profile] sisabet's amazing Turn You Inside Out vid and we squeed a bit more. Then she complained miserably that the next new one wasn't till March 15th and I saved the day by revealing the season 2 eps she's not seen waiting for her on the laptop.

On the way to take her home, we stopped by one of our favorite haunts, Unique Thrift Store, where P. found yet more vinyl and another amp. This one is "even better" than the other... four he has in the basement. I picked out an awesome record - Marty Robbins "More Gunfighter Ballads - mostly for the cover. Which I find delightful. His cover of "Streets of Laredo" isn't too shabby.

Tomorrow I get to go baby visiting! It is a good weekend.
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So one of the best parts of [ profile] varadia's visit was the sheer amount of plot ideas we came up with. For all of our characters (including Aspen's). There is much, much plot now. And here I was saying I had none. SILLY ME.

Now we just have to find the time and energy to put these plots into action.

Lost was meh. Ish. I am a little disappointed. I sure hope things pick up for the show.

I have found something I like to do at work. I am archiving and organizing one of the sharepoint sites where the old courses go. I am finding I am really, really enjoying whipping it into shape. Alas, it isn't a very long project, though. Still, for the rest of this week I shall slap my headphones on and enjoy.

Speaking of headphones, I got the newest Rasputina over the weekend, and I ADORE it. Usually they are kind of hit or miss - I usually like a few songs on each cd but the others leave me cold. This one is much more consistent. So now I have all of my Rasputina on my iPod.

I really, really love my iPod. So so much.
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I aten't dead! I've just been super tired, and so not around on AIM much. I've also figured out how to download both episodes of Torchwood, so YAY!!!! Um, I think I love Jack Harkness a whoooole lot. And, er, wow. British TV sex is rather torrid, no? *fans self*

Thanks to coworker sending me links of cheer in my times of doom, I give thee Elizabethan insults - which could double as pirate ones.

Thou gleeking, flap-mouthed hedgepig! Now that's a curse.
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SO tired. Such a long day. LOOOOONG DAY. Monday liek whoa.

I have one sentence to share: talking, even when it's heated debate, is a good thing.

Happy birthday, [ profile] gao!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a lovely one.

Also, one last random thought before I lose consciousness. I love my friends. I love writing. When combining the two, I am one happy little clam.

I need a happy little clam icon.

God, I am delirious tired. :-P
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Yar! Shiver me timbers, matey!

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I offer this: the brilliant Tom-Ingress thread from last year's Pirate Day at Milliways. This would be the thread in which Ingress (played by Lynette) learns exciting new pirate words and asks Tom alllll about them, giving Tom many chances for flailing.

As for the Post A Poem thingie going on, I have a confession to make. I do not love poetry. I don't hate it either, and in fact, there are a few poems I do enjoy. See, when I read, I hear the voices of the narrator, of the characters, and I have less of an ability to see the imagery. So sometimes, I just don't "get" poems, and so they can frustrate me. Also, I had the bad bad bad summer arts camp experience with poetry in high school, and I think I have a bit of a block towards poetry still.

However, I love this one: in just by e.e. cummings )

When the world is mudluscious... Now that imagery I get. :)
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Ack... I have been inattentive and loserly lately. Sorry if I haven't been commenting to you guys lately. I will try to multitask better. Surprisingly, it isn't technically Milliways that has been sucking my soul, but different facet of RP in which I feel like I'm working on a second draft of a characterization that is actually truer to canon and personality. I adore both the characterizations, but the latter is surprisingly intense and interesting. Hooboy... gotta love the internet crack.

Oooh, P. got me The Beekeeper (new Tori) - 'Tis brilliant. I really, really like it.

We are now watching a Jamie Callum DVD - he is an amazing musician and performer.
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Sometimes I am so amused by my kiddos that I forget how tired I am of teaching. This morning at breakfast I was sitting talking with one of my favorite little guys - a miserable, angry little boy who is often crying and always disgruntled and who reminds me of a little Tom Riddle. In a not so good way, you understand, but there it is - he even has the dark hair and blue eyes. So imagine my amusement when he starts talking about Harry Potter. We talked about PoA and favorite parts - he went on and on about the "Watch your head" part on the Knight Bus. He was laughing so I said, "Yeah, that's a funny part." He looked at me, serious as a heart attack and said "No, that's a scary part."

In other words: DUUUUH, teacher.

Then we went on to discuss the part where "he puts on the magic blanket and the magic blanket disappears him and he throws snowballs at the scary guys. But the scary guys ran away because they were scared." We also discussed how the "bird horse" was cool. Another kid joined in the conversation and said "I like the man who has magic that turns him to a dog so he can fight the werewolf. Then the magic turns him back to a man."

The magic blanket disappears him.... I loff.

And did you know that in the movies there are two Harry Potters and a girl? Sporfle... poor Ron.


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