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EEEE. I just wrote five pages and I am, for all but the editing, done with a fic. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY! Now I just have to get the courage to post it. I don't know why I am so weird about this one.


No, I guess it's more that I haven't written something this long since the summer I began Milliways. That's been a while.
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I haven't done this in a while, but I could use something to focus my scattered HP thoughts upon.

Request an HP-related drabble, and I shall write it for you.

(DH Spoilers likely)
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Sigh. I am never going to get around to writing about HP:DH. No, I will one day, but I am still kind of processing as I read through a second time.

So instead, I give you links! All of which are chock full of spoilers, o' course.

First of all, check out Muggle Studies: A Harry Potter Fic Challenge. We're delving into history, sociology, linguistics, you name it. Come and play!

Secondly, three epilogues of beauty:
Platform 9.99999999999999999999... by [ profile] trickofthedark

Nineteen Years and One Day by [ profile] bethbethbeth

Untitled by [ profile] maeglinyedi. She also has some great Snape meta here.

Thirdly, my two favorite quotes from DH, from which I will likely frame my response once I write it. Cut to protect the unspoiled )

So yes. 'Tis a happy HP summer for me.
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Whee! I've rummaged about, kicked computers, and managed to get ready for my trip tomorrow.

Aaaaand I am also a member of [ profile] vox_lacuna, my very first all HP game. It is, as described in the user info, the Voice of the Missing Text. Here we will be writing/playing out the stories that didn't get put into Rowling's books. Posts will take a variety of forms (letters, diary entries, pensieves, hospital reports, etc). Each player will take on a character mentioned in canon and flesh out their story. There are no generational restrictions. We might see Ginny's diary entries, Lucius' orders at Borgin and Burke's, Minerva's letters to Dumbledore. The only restriction is that the characterization and existing canon must be followed closely.

I play Minerva, [ profile] sior_gaisgiel, and I am tickled pink.

Or tartan.

*whistles innocently* Applications are being taken now. Play begins at the end of the month.

See some of you soon, see the rest of you intermittently until next week! I am off to Chicago!
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A story of mine got recced on [ profile] crack_van. By someone I don't know!

*giggles in an extremely chuffed way*
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I wrote two drabbles in a fit of inspiration (and a clearing of the head from an earlier margarita) for McTabby's Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon IV.

Prompt: Minerva McGonagall, first time, classroom


One is gen Minerva-Dumbledore, one is Minerva/Tom

Okay... now I go sleep. A lot.
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Over at [ profile] darklord_news, there is a fic/art challenge - the Dark Lord Wishfest

[ profile] ink_monkey wished for this: After a drunken one night stand (maybe after a party to celebrate finishing Hogwarts?), McGonagall tells Tom that she's pregnant. He has to marry her (to avoid a scandal, to avoid her enraged father, whatever reason), and finds his plans totally derailed by his resentful, shrewish bride. Set sometime after Hogwarts and before Hepzibah Smith's death. I'm envisioning this as a comedy, but any genre aside from tragedy or crackfic is fine.

Here is what I came up with!

A Beneficial Arrangement )
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Drabbles aplenty!

No spoilers for HBP! All Milliways related drabbles. :)
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This Riddlefic, For the Procreation of Children by [ profile] nineveh_uk (recced by [ profile] mctabby and focusing on the elder Riddle) made me gleeful. Not that it's happy or anything. It's just very very very cool, and focuses on Tom's parents.

You know, I really liked this story, but I still think it's a cop-out for his mother to be EVIL and HORRID. I hope JKR doesn't go that route. I will predict that she probably will. Blast.

Oh, and [ profile] potterpuffs rocks my world. OMG so cute.


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