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The good news is that I did finally get to sleep around 2:30 and slept well till 7:00 so I was able to function pretty well today.

Endings and Beginnings still distresses me, but now I have a plan for revisions. So that is actually a good result of reading one's work when one's seratonin levels absolutely can't handle anything. Three more days of children and I might actually have a brain to get some work done.

Buffy Series Finale thoughts - not too spoilery. I liked it. It was a nice, if not perfect, end. It made me happy, and it doesn't feel over to me. There will always be fic and the DVD's. When X-Files ended (actually before it ended) I lost all desire to watch the old, good episodes unless I was at Scully Marathon. This is really sad to me cos I loved that show. With intense passion. Only now am I starting to think, 'I'd like to see "Pusher" again. Or maybe "Darkness Falls"' With Buffy, Tues. Night Girls Club is starting from episode one since one of us hasn't seen much early stuff and watching all we can through the summer. This makes me happy.

Okay, finale thoughts: the scene with the four main characters in the hallway all separating one by one to fight the fight - beautiful. Referencing "The Wish" with Cleveland's Hellmouth - nice continuity. Spuffy - wanted a little more, just an embrace would've been nice. A little kiss. But still I'm glad that there was closure.

The only thing I really disliked was how Anya was left behind. It seemed callous that she was just left in the rubble. This beautiful story by [ profile] zarahmela helped a lot:

Smallville finale thoughts: Yeesh, what was that? Oh wait, the Lex parts were really pretty. I did like Chloe - characters with texture, hurray!
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No wait, I'm still here. Incredibly hectic 3 weeks coming to an end... Life going back to sort of normal. Hoping to stay busy with interviews - the one on Saturday went okay, but at this point I just don't know. I try to shine and be passionate and do my best, but who even knows.

So I need some help on the Buffy spoilers Read more... )

I have to go to bed now. I could use another day of sleeping and I have so much laundry to do that it literally is scaring me. I'll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.

Buffy Meme

Mar. 3rd, 2003 07:00 pm
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[ profile] anniesj started it - check out her list here:

I will add a few or so of my favorite moments.

It got kinda long )
I am such a fangirl. I'd really like to write Joss and tell him how much I have loved Buffy. I will be sad when it is over. But as [ profile] mustangsally78 says, the ending of a show in fandom isn't really an ending.
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I missed Tues. Night Girls Club cos it was snowing here and my head won't stop hurting. It's a sinusy, stressy hurt and it will not go away. Grrr.

So I watched my shows w/P. Ok, I watched Buffy w/P - he won't watch Smallville :P Buffy spoilers )

And now for Smallville spoilers )

Anyway, thoroughly pleased with the evening's viewing. Now if the headache would go away and it would stop snowing already I'll be much better off.

OH! Not only did I get my taxes done Sunday, I also filled out my financial aid forms, AND wrote a page of Part 3 of Strange and Wondrous. Go me!
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It's all spoilerific )
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(sung to the tune of "Suddenly Seymour" from Little Hsop of Horrors)

I just found out I get the day off Saturday from my monthly Saturday job for an early job fair. I must from now till Friday: update my portfolio, reread sections of important teaching philosophy books, make copies of my resume, and pysche myself out. Phew. Nervous rumblings in the tummy. I tend to interview well, and I can utilize a lot of what I'm doing this year to my advantage, but still must get psyched.

And I have to get up god awfully early Sat. morning (6:00AM) Boo.

This made me giggle:
My elvish name: Enedcrabanwen

Hobbit lass name:
Belba Roper from Frogmorton

Dwarven Name:
Nori Cleverslayer

Orkish Name:
Skaikûr the Atrocious

All from

Buffy/Smallville spoilers )

Ooh shiny!

Jan. 11th, 2003 04:17 pm
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[ profile] anniesj has a new fic, Illumination.

It is quite nice. Here's a wee bit of it:

She can see it, just beneath the surface of bruised skin and bewildered eyes. The glow of the spark that he sacrificed everything for, bright and pure. It lights up the room in a radiant breed of electricity, warming her skin with the potential he possesses. There's a man in there, and she thinks that she might have known its ghost all of these years, but now he's surfacing and she wants to be there when he breaks free.

Go read it at


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