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I received an excellent (and hot - NSFW, even though it's tastefully done in regards to being graphic) story thanks to my request for Actor RPF of James Dean/Natalie Wood/Sal Mineo.

Muahahaha... I love Yuletide.

It's called Girls and Guys in Every Port and it's from Sal's perspective. The author made some excellent choices to set things up between the three, and I am delighted with it.

I'm glad I participated again this year.
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Oh, Yuletide Author, you are a wonderful person. Thank you for writing for my story!

I requested:

  1. Revenge
    with a focus on the awesomeness that is Nolan Ross

  2. Newsflesh
    trilogy by Mira Grant featuring Mahir Gowda, who I want to know more about

  3. Beautiful Thing
    (1996) as a continuation into the future

  4. Actor RPF - James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo based on this picture from the set of
    Rebel without a Cause

I am very excited, as I am every year, about Yuletide. I skipped last year because of reasons, and I am glad to be back! I am pretty easy to write for. My sign up descriptions gave you some specific details you need, but here is a little bit more. )

Have fun, Yuletide Author, and thank you in advance!
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I haven't seen one of my favorite stories recced so far, so now is my chance!

Dangerous Liaisons (1998): Checkmate is sly and smart. It's a prequel to the movie detailing how the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont first became entangled. They are written beautifully here - calculating, yet drawn to each other.

I've also enjoyed these stories:

A Study in Emerald: Lex Talionis is a crossover of amazing proportions. It's written perfectly - somber in tone, true to both Holmesian and Lovecraftian traditions, well characterized - and then the crossover comes in, and you say "How can this work?" And then it works, and WOW. Make sure to read to the end.

Blackadder: A Living Princess features the little princess bride from the first Blackadder series growing up and coming into her own.

Addams Family: Violet was a lovely surprise. Macabre, colorful, and very sweet.

The Outsiders: broken knife broke my heart. The author captured the characters and the hard lives they lived, and the Johnny and Dallas relationship was perfect.

Raising Hope: See Sabrina Write is a letter from Aunt Sabrina to little Hope, advising her to be happy, because we all have our Grocery Paloozas to learn from and rise above.
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Yay, you are participating in Yuletide! )

In conclusion, have fun. Enjoy Yuletide. I will appreciate your story, no matter what you write for me.
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I wrote Once the Dancing Stops from the 80's fantasy movie Legend (with Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry - it was cracktastic yet indelible). I struggled really hard with this story, as some of you saw. Many times. I am happy with how it turned out, though.

As an extra, I also wrote I Know What It's Like, which turned out to be my first original character fic written for any kind of publication. The prompt for The Beatles album Revolver - "If any of these songs stimulate you to write a story, I will be delighted." - caught my eye and the characters were there as soon as I reread the lyrics of "She Said, She Said". I might be working more on the story. It's kinda exciting.

(If I can get an Alice ficlet done for Anime Girl. That is my first priority.)

I had ten wonderful stories written for me (since I had been defaulted upon) in Fringe, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Decemberists - Hazards of Love, and Addams Family. Yes, all of my prompts were fulfilled. These gifts included ones by [ profile] agonistes and [ profile] dictator_duck and WOW I got a [ profile] zarahemla Fringe story! *dances about with glee*

'Twas a fine Yuletide. I've stalled in making my way through more stories, but I will get there. I have all year! I look forward to next year. I may already have my prompts planned.
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So let's get down to some serious Yuletide business! I am still having a hard time commenting to the stories themselves, and I haven't even gotten as far as attempting to read anyone other stories. I have a feeling this Yuletide season will be an elongated one in which I get to savor the stories a good long while. See how I look on the positive side of things?

In which I warble about and recommend the wonderful stories written for me )

I'm so very grateful for everyone who wrote for me. I've enjoyed these pieces written just for me.

Hokay. Now I'm going to try to read a few you guys have been warbling about and recommending.
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Holy cow. I have six full-length Yuletide stories, and I suspect there are four more, since I had ten in my gifts section. I am overwhelmed, as is the server! I promise you, you wonderful and generous pinch-hitting Yuletiders, I will have personalized comments and shout outs for you soon. I have a wee bit of a busy day today, though. And I am kinda having troubles getting comments to go through. Poor server.

We opened prezzies at midnight! Cut for an embarrassment of riches )

In a bit we go to J's folks house for more festive merry-making. What's awesome about this is that we get a little bit of family fun, but P & I can leave at any time, since we have no obligations. Muahahaha.
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We've had a very BBC Christmas. Blackadder Christmas special - a tradition - and Absolutely Fabulous Christmas special, with Tony Robinson hosting a worst jobs of historical Christmas on History International in between. Wheeeeee!

Man, I love Christmas. If you celebrate, Merry Christmas! If not, then I send you peace and goodwill just for the heck of it.

Is Yuletide open yet? I am dying of excitement, as per usual. I wrote a treat at work and eeee! Yuletide.
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Ahahaha. I am halfway to 1000 for Yuletide. PHEW. I was worried I wasn't going to get anything down at the rate I was fretting. This year, I am not going to sweat going too much beyond 1000. As long as I make the requirement and write something decent, I'm golden. I am getting there, I think, and fulfilling my recipient's wishes. So.

In other writing news, I have been thinking about folks who write copious amounts and have a lot of work behind them. When the LJ servers moved, I realized that I have written copious amounts in the past four years, via RP. My work is just slightly more ephemeral than what others might have in files on their computers. Since I've had limited success with using LJ Archive for a couple of my RP journals, and since I can't archive my main community, I am undertaking a ridiculously large archiving project. I am going through my memories. All of them. I expand all the threads under the main post, and I then save the entire web page with a dating convention and brief summary. Then I'll burn everything to disc, and I will have my writing and my collaborative writing in files I can access no matter what happens to servers or with hackers or with the Intarwebs exploding.

It will make me happy.

It will also take OMG a long time. If anyone from [ profile] milliways_bar wants to join in, I think it would be cool. We could get a good deal of the community archived if we worked together. I'd be happy to coordinate.
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Dear Yuletide Santa,

First of all, you rock. )
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Ah, Yuletide, you harsh mistress, you. My mistake assignment had me full of glee. GLEE, I tell you. Then my real one came and I said... "Noooooo, oh dear God, FLAIL". Just like every year! Ahahahaha. FUN.

Anyway, I would like to address my own Santa now.

Dear Yuletide Santa,

Thank you so much already! I've participated in this challenge every year it's been around, and I love it so so much. I've never been disappointed with one of my gift fics. Every year, I look forward to reading my fic with much excitement, and every year I finish it and I say "WOW, that was a great present!"

Here is a list of general likes and dislikes, but really, have fun writing, and don't worry so much about trying to get it "right". Write a story you enjoy, and I guarantee you that I will like it.

Gen fic
Character introspection
Missing scenes or different POVs in existing scenes
Fade to black romance (though I don't mind R-rated details at all)
Wistfulness (I love happy endings, but I also love sad ones, too, if they make sense)
Attention to canon detail
Strong female characters

I'm not too crazy about slash, unless you can sell me on the emotional underpinnings of the relationship.
Graphic violence

And yeah, that's about it.


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My Yuletide story is called The Bridal Path, and it's a perfectly twisted Addams Family (movie) story featuring Wednesday/Joel.

I love it.


Thanks, Yuletide Santa!!!

Also? We opened our prezzies, and yay. I received wonderful gifts this year. P. loves his new MP3 player, and I have inherited his old iPod (which was Aspen's originally - talk about a hand-me-down).



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