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Dear Yuletide Author,

Yay, you are participating in Yuletide! )

In conclusion, have fun. Enjoy Yuletide. I will appreciate your story, no matter what you write for me.
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For [ profile] nocoward_soul
Fandom: Harry Potter
Prompt: Alice Longbottom, fight
Word count: 237
Rating: General, no warnings

Alice Longbottom was an Auror, and fighting came with the job )

For [ profile] ticketsonmyself
Fandom: Neverwhere
Prompt: Door and Door/Richard, new vistas, post-canon
Word count: 294
Rating: General, no warnings

Door placed her hand on the wall of the Regency alley and opened her way into a medieval mews. )
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Last January, I stumbled upon [ profile] halfamoon, a fourteen day challenge celebrating female characters in fandom. I delighted in some fabulous fic, graphics, and vids as a result, much of which featuring characters from more obscure fandoms.

I am really looking forward to it this year. The community has a challenge that even I with my limited time and energy will be able to participate in. It's an Impromptuthon! Right now, prompts are being collected here, and starting in February, we can post 100 word drabbles, 15 second vids, small graphic collections, and small artworks based on those prompts. Go check it out! Even if you don't post anything, add to the prompt list. I hope to write several drabbles. There are a few excellent Bela Talbot ones already. Muahahaha!
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I wrote Once the Dancing Stops from the 80's fantasy movie Legend (with Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry - it was cracktastic yet indelible). I struggled really hard with this story, as some of you saw. Many times. I am happy with how it turned out, though.

As an extra, I also wrote I Know What It's Like, which turned out to be my first original character fic written for any kind of publication. The prompt for The Beatles album Revolver - "If any of these songs stimulate you to write a story, I will be delighted." - caught my eye and the characters were there as soon as I reread the lyrics of "She Said, She Said". I might be working more on the story. It's kinda exciting.

(If I can get an Alice ficlet done for Anime Girl. That is my first priority.)

I had ten wonderful stories written for me (since I had been defaulted upon) in Fringe, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Decemberists - Hazards of Love, and Addams Family. Yes, all of my prompts were fulfilled. These gifts included ones by [ profile] agonistes and [ profile] dictator_duck and WOW I got a [ profile] zarahemla Fringe story! *dances about with glee*

'Twas a fine Yuletide. I've stalled in making my way through more stories, but I will get there. I have all year! I look forward to next year. I may already have my prompts planned.
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So let's get down to some serious Yuletide business! I am still having a hard time commenting to the stories themselves, and I haven't even gotten as far as attempting to read anyone other stories. I have a feeling this Yuletide season will be an elongated one in which I get to savor the stories a good long while. See how I look on the positive side of things?

In which I warble about and recommend the wonderful stories written for me )

I'm so very grateful for everyone who wrote for me. I've enjoyed these pieces written just for me.

Hokay. Now I'm going to try to read a few you guys have been warbling about and recommending.
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I participated in [ profile] hp_beholder this year, and I forgot to link my story! It was terminally sweet, but I kinda like how it turned out.

FIC: "Secret Admirer" for hayseed
Recipient: hayseed
Author: Vivien
Title: Secret Admirer
Rating: G
Pairings: Irma Pince/Filius Flitwick
Word Count: 2,218
Warnings: Cuteness ahoy!
Summary: Irma Pince wishes to be a different person - older, prettier, more confident. Her secret admirer likes her just the way she is.
Author's Notes: I hope you enjoy! (...Thanks to L, my patient beta for her help)

Link to story on IJ
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BAH. I was gypped. We do not have 5-10" of snow. We barely have a dusting (although the weather is foul - lots of cold wind and icy rainstuff). Maybe we'll get 3-6" during the day. Yeah, right. See, I like snow when I don't have to go anywhere!

I also got up ridiculously early. I slept well, but I think maybe I shouldn't have had the Turkish coffee before I went to bed last night. I am still feeling a little wired.

Today I have to finish my [ profile] hp_beholder fic. Or ask for an extension. NO, I AM FINISHING IT. *determined* There will be no watching fun downloaded shows or RP until I am to final draft status. Sigh.

I also gotta do taxes soon. Maybe tomorrow.
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*Jumps on bandwagon* *late!*

Give me a character and I will give you at least five facts about them according to my own personal canon. This can range from their birthday, favorite color or even their earliest memory up to what they had last night for dinner.
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Posted for [ profile] halfamoon

Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Bela Talbot
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own this character or her universe. I just like to play in it when I can.
Summary: Layers barely seen in a life half-lived
Notes: Pre-canon, concurrent with end of season 1
(This is a ficlet modified slightly from a Conversations with Dead People plot entry in the RPG [ profile] milliways_bar, where I've played Bela since last March.)

Haunted by Dreams: 959 words )
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Ahahaha. I am halfway to 1000 for Yuletide. PHEW. I was worried I wasn't going to get anything down at the rate I was fretting. This year, I am not going to sweat going too much beyond 1000. As long as I make the requirement and write something decent, I'm golden. I am getting there, I think, and fulfilling my recipient's wishes. So.

In other writing news, I have been thinking about folks who write copious amounts and have a lot of work behind them. When the LJ servers moved, I realized that I have written copious amounts in the past four years, via RP. My work is just slightly more ephemeral than what others might have in files on their computers. Since I've had limited success with using LJ Archive for a couple of my RP journals, and since I can't archive my main community, I am undertaking a ridiculously large archiving project. I am going through my memories. All of them. I expand all the threads under the main post, and I then save the entire web page with a dating convention and brief summary. Then I'll burn everything to disc, and I will have my writing and my collaborative writing in files I can access no matter what happens to servers or with hackers or with the Intarwebs exploding.

It will make me happy.

It will also take OMG a long time. If anyone from [ profile] milliways_bar wants to join in, I think it would be cool. We could get a good deal of the community archived if we worked together. I'd be happy to coordinate.
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Not feeling so great. My ears are all woogly. We've had two big fronts move through, so I think that's the cause. My sinuses are going nuts. I went home early today, because my head was all swimmy and I was nauseous. I'm feeling less icky today, but my head still hurts.

Just when I think I am a hack writer and will never write anything good again, I get this incredible review from my one Good Omens story of which I am still very proud. I signed up for [ profile] hp_darkfest as a result. Whee? It's due around Halloween, so I have time, and I can write 1000 words of spooky darkness. I think. I seriously have been kind of treading water with writing and RPing. I'm going under more often than not, and while I have many ideas, I fail in the execution. But... these things happen. Especially when you're tired and your ears are woogly.

Speaking of fic and reviews, I really enjoyed a Narnia series, In Constellated Wars by [ profile] bedlamsbard. It's movieverse, genfic, and looks at one night through the POV of each of the Pevensies and Caspian. While I don't necessarily agree with all of her interpretations of the characters, she has built in a rich Golden Ages background for the Pevensies, and it's pretty amazing.

Oh, and also? Go see Mamma Mia. Go with girlfriends or female family, preferably. You will be glad you did. *loves on that movie*
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Now that Yuletide authors are revealed, I am proud to announce my contributions! This year, I was able to write two stories, which was a lofty goal I set and met.

I wrote Falling Up from Fallen for [ profile] bonibaru - this year was the first time I wrote for someone I actually knew, so it was a story I really wanted to do well with. Fallen is an ABC Family miniseries involving angels, Fallen and Flying, and Nephilim. It's great fun, and Azazel is a glorious character to write.

I wrote The Lady of the House of the Arch from Neverwhere for [ profile] such_heights as an extra treat. It was an extra treat to write, and much of it might sound familiar to Millimuns.

I have rebound from the post-holiday blues, it would seem, and I am feeling pretty good on this first day of 2008. It's also P's birthday (OMG HE IS OLD!) and we are having much fun doing family things. So yay. I prefer being cheerful.
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Well. We have a white Christmas. Lots of it. I am biting my nails regarding my flight at 1:30, but hopefully things will be okay.

In the meantime, we has Yuletide!

I got a Pretty in Pink story in which Duckie is victorious!!!!!

AND I got a cute Laverne and Shirley story in which Lenny is cute.

What a nice Christmas surprise! Thank you, Yuletide Santas!

Also, there are nine Neverwhere stories. YAY!
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Guuuuys, Jayne shirts are being auctioned off for charity. That is SO cool.

Sigh. I need to work on my Yuletide fic. It's at the stage where it's mostly in my head, but it just doesn't want to come down outta there. *tugs at it*

Okay, okay, I quit stalling.
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Mmph. Writer's strike. It needs to happen, and I totally understand why the writers are making this stand. But- but I just want my Supernatural season to be uninterrupted.

The world must stop for me, dammit!

I keep adding to my Yuletide story, but it is growing like flopsy without any good direction. I think I might have to rethink how I am approaching it. Still, I am proud to have it started more than one week before the deadline.
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EEEE. I just wrote five pages and I am, for all but the editing, done with a fic. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY! Now I just have to get the courage to post it. I don't know why I am so weird about this one.


No, I guess it's more that I haven't written something this long since the summer I began Milliways. That's been a while.
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Drabbles? Ask me for some! I am in an incredible writing mood for some reason.

I'll be best with HP and Milli-canon, and I don't fear future fic. Much.

Ask away!!
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Hhy not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...she/he wears mismatched socks." I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal.

I cry when I write. A lot. In RP, in fic, sometimes in IM's, even. Not "boo hoo wah" kind of crying, but just silent "tearing up with a tear or sliding down the cheek with sniffles" kind of crying. I also tear up at commercials when I don't even have PMS to blame. Such an emotional little thing I am, and words move me.

So. How about you guys?
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Today was the Multicultural Festival at school - I'm still picking confetti out of my hair from the cascarones. These are traditional Mexican party tricks in which you fill an empty eggshell with confetti and smash it over people's heads. Much silliness. I also have a really, really cool henna tattoo - nearly the entire staff does. One of our Sudanese moms came with her henna supplies and gussied us up. Here is mine:

She did it in about three minutes. The others got much more elaborate ones, but I asked for something small ;) Looking at the picture, I am seeing how well the exotic tattoo goes with my oh so vanilla blue cardigan sweater.

Right now the Westminster Kennel Club dog show is on - watching it is an eleven year tradition for P and me. We cheered when no poodle one last night. I don't recall this ever happening. Like Miss Texas in the Miss America pageant, there's always a freaking poodle in Best in Show. So far we are rooting for the Pyrenees - gorgeous dog. But tonight is our favorite night - the hounds and working dogs. We are such geeks.

I wrote something over the weekend that I am really proud of. For Mways, of course, but done with research and leaps of imagination that made me, well, gleeful. (I was writing about New York City Below). Sometimes stuff works. Even if I don't like my writing because it is clumsy and sad in comparison to others, I have good ideas sometimes.

I did not eat anymore cupcakes today. Just honey almond cakes from Sudan and a brownie.
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When I was 11 or 12, not only was I in my first phases of my deep Tolkien love, but I was also a soap opera addict. I was a huge, avid General Hospital fan, and back in my day it was all about Luke and Laura. Now, I liked Luke and Laura just fine, but my favorite characters at the time were Alexandra Quartermaine and Victor Cassadine. I loved them as a couple, and I don't even remember why, other than the fact that they were slightly evil, but they loved each other very much. This made them far more interesting than any of the other couples.

So in this huge story arc (the Ice Princess! - bwahahaha, so lame) they were killed one day. I was stunned. I remember wandering into the kitchen, and I must've been crying because my grandmother asked me what was wrong. I told her and she looked at me, with utter disbelief, and said, "Your grandfather watched his friends die in front of him in the war. Are you telling me that you're crying over a tv show?" I remember blinking at her and stopping the crying, because she had a point. But it was sad, and it did hurt to see that particular story come to an end.

If you agreed with my grandma, don't bother reading further )


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