Ten years

Oct. 1st, 2011 10:26 pm
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It's been ten years since one of the biggest fandom events I've been a part of - The Order of the Blessed St. Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE)'s Scully Marathon for NF, Inc. (a charity for neurofibromatosis). One of the members was the redoubtable Betsey Dodd, the first person I knew who did vids. She did the bestest vids. I've often wished I had digital copies of my favorites. She did several... and now she's uploaded them to YouTube! Not all, but Gravity of Love, She Blinded Me with Silence, the Silent Pilot. They are all behind the cut.

X-Files vids )

Nostalgic fandom times... I loved being a part of OBSSE back in the day.
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Festivids! I watched a bunch. This is a challenge similar to Yuletide, and there are some delightfully obscure fandoms represented. Check out the master list here.

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I'm going to work tomorrow, but I still have a fever and lack of brain cells. I'm terribly muzzy-headed, so we'll see if I last the whole day or not. Hoo boy.
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Guys, guys - if you didn't see the link on [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon, go - right now - and watch this Toph vid.


(If you can't tell, I really liked it. It's posting was good timing, since I saw some stills from the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender this weekend. Yeah. I'll stick to the animated series, kthxbye.)
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I had a fun day.

I started it with Belly Dancing Fitness at my gym. I kinda loved it, and I got a great work out. They, um, do performances. The group of ladies all had the jingly belts and scraves, because it was just such fun to dance. I'm going back next Saturday.

Then there was Supernatural with my best SPN buddy AnimeGirl (Jen's younger daughter, who stayed the night with us after her performance in a two hour marathon of a middle school production of "High School Musical" the night before. Oy.) I also showed her [livejournal.com profile] sisabet's amazing Turn You Inside Out vid and we squeed a bit more. Then she complained miserably that the next new one wasn't till March 15th and I saved the day by revealing the season 2 eps she's not seen waiting for her on the laptop.

On the way to take her home, we stopped by one of our favorite haunts, Unique Thrift Store, where P. found yet more vinyl and another amp. This one is "even better" than the other... four he has in the basement. I picked out an awesome record - Marty Robbins "More Gunfighter Ballads - mostly for the cover. Which I find delightful. His cover of "Streets of Laredo" isn't too shabby.

Tomorrow I get to go baby visiting! It is a good weekend.


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