Nov. 3rd, 2012 08:14 am
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Damn you, episode 5 of
Call the Midwife
. I am bawling all over my Saturday morning. But I have a kitty at my feet; Lily, the guest kitty, is sleeping with me now. I haven't had a kitty to snuggle with since my first cat, Jordan, died in 2004. It is very comforting.

PBS has all the CtM episodes up for free, by the way. I highly recommend each and every one. Just have some kleenex ready for the fifth.
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Thanks, TLo. You've saved the one-and-a-half hours I'd have wasted watching the mockery that has become Project Runway finale.

Yeah, I'm done now. Project Runway All Stars will be my last go round.

Ten years

Oct. 1st, 2011 10:26 pm
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It's been ten years since one of the biggest fandom events I've been a part of - The Order of the Blessed St. Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE)'s Scully Marathon for NF, Inc. (a charity for neurofibromatosis). One of the members was the redoubtable Betsey Dodd, the first person I knew who did vids. She did the bestest vids. I've often wished I had digital copies of my favorites. She did several... and now she's uploaded them to YouTube! Not all, but Gravity of Love, She Blinded Me with Silence, the Silent Pilot. They are all behind the cut.

X-Files vids )

Nostalgic fandom times... I loved being a part of OBSSE back in the day.
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I recommend, unequivocally, The Secret Circle for your teen-focused supernatural mystery needs. I just watched the pilot, and there may have been squeeing. It's one of those pilots that instantly clicks, it has strong and interesting female characters, and it reminded me of Buffy in all the best ways. Hahahaha, it also has some SERIOUSLY awesome similarities to our Sunnydale AUs. There's even a coven house!!!! And kids making storms! Because they can! Check it out.

I can't recommend Sarah Michelle Geller's new show, Ringer. It's... okay. I just wasn't captivated. I'll give it another few weeks to hook me. We'll see.
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Dr. Who: The End of Time )

You might find this link interesting; I certainly did. It's a write up of how all the regenerations happened up to Ten, complete with clips for each one. No spoilers for End of Time aside from a mention of seeing part 1 and wondering where it will compare.

Here is the series preview for Spring 2010 - spoilers a'plenty! Also, eeeeeeeeeee! Looks like fun!

...Oh man. I will need an updated Dr. Who icon now. I also need some recs. Who writes good Who fic? It is such a big fandom that I have only read a very little. I'd be very interested in quality, character-driven gen fic, as well as character-driven Doctor/Master fic. No Rose/Doctor, please. Unless it's Ten 2.0. Then it's fine.
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I picked up season 5 of The X-Files at the library the other day, and I zipped through Detour, All Souls, and Folie A Deux. I love those Monster of the Week episodes. I honestly can't say that I enjoy the mytharc episodes at all anymore, except for maybe the first few seasons worth. But the MotW eps? Oh yeah. The Mulder/Scully dynamic makes me smile. I am very happy that enough time has gone by that I can actually fall in love with my favorite eps again.

One thing about All Souls - the Scully-centric one in which she tries to save the girls who are Nephilim - I noticed this time. It was so much deeper and richer than I remembered it. It gave me shivers; it's a creepy, beautiful episode. Sigh.

Quickly on tonight's Castle )
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I never thought I'd like Eastwick. Man, was I wrong. It has been promoted from "show in the background" to "heeeeee Eastwick's on". It is not brilliant TV, but it's a hell of a lot of fun, and I like the female leads. Witches are fun.
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Wah. True Blood made me cry.

Spoilers )
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So you know how I've said I hadn't found much to care about with Dollhouse so far? I think that changed a bit tonight. )
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Holy cow... I just watched Kings on Hulu. WOW. I am hooked.

Spoilers for first and second episode )

[livejournal.com profile] catslash, you need to watch this show, I think.
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From Neil Gaiman's Blog re: Eleventh Doctor

I'm a teeny bit disappointed about Paterson Joseph. But still, now it means if I ever wrote a story where the Marquis de Carabas met the Doctor... no. That way lies madness.

Oh, Neil, but it would be such fine madness. Please, please, please?

My own opinions on the casting choice )
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Ooh, I liked Fringe. I liked it a lot.
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I have Season 3 Supernatural DVDs. I am happy. I did not love everything about season 3, but I liked a great deal of it.

I really need to get more sleep. Despite the lack of it, I have been in such a good mood lately, that it has countered the sleep dep. THANK GOODNESS.
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We saw Dark Knight and the last Avatar tonight. I appreciated the former; it was well done, but not necessarily enjoyable for me, if you get what I mean. I did like it )

Avatar, on the other hand, was delightful, and I'm glad we watched it after the movie. Small Avatar spoiler )

I have to show everyone Dr. Horrible next, which also pleased me muchly in its entirety. )
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This meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] phoenixchilde

I'm sure everybody's read Your Friends Are Not Watching The Same Show You Are (And That's Okay) by now; it's been in circulation for about a week, so if you haven't yet, you should definitely give it a look. Aside from tackling what might be the root of 90% of all fandom flame wars, it opens up discussion and the chance to meme shamelessly declare what shows you're watching from week to week. So! Here are mine:

Supernatural - The Ooooh What Cool Urban Legend and/or Mythical/Folkloric Monster Do We Deal With This Week? Show, The Sam and Dean Are Brothers and Nothing More Show, The Wow Jensen Ackles Is Pretty Show, The Women of the Show Are Awesome Yet Fleeting Whhhhyyyyy? Show

Doctor Who - The Doctor Who Has Been A Favorite of Mine Since Age 11 Show, The Ten Is My Favorite Doctor Show, The Companions Come and Go But I Like the Feisty Ones Best Show, The Boy the Special Effects Are So Much Better Now Show, The Wow What a Plot Hole La La La Show

Torchwood - The Jack Harkness Show, The Ooh Welsh Accents Are Pretty Show, The Wow What a Plot Hole La La La La Show (Torchwood gets an extra 'La')

Ugly Betty The Suarez Family Is Awesome Show, The Amanda and Mark Snarktacular Show

Lost - The None of My Questions Get Answered, But I Don't Care Show, The Charlie Is Scrappy and Adorable Show (now cancelled), The Let's Have More Sawyer Please Show, The Sun and Jin Are Sweet Show, and The Let Sayid Be in Charge Please Show

Heroes - The Wow I Hope This Gets Better Soon Show, The Watch for Sci Fi In Jokes Show, The Sylar Is an Amazing Villain Show

X-Files - The It's All About Scully Show
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Oh! Doctor Who was so good!!!! I love this show so much. *hugs it*


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