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I finally got to watch the Half-Blood Prince trailer.

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Author: Vivien
Title: Down the Rabbit Hole, Part 1
Pairing: Hermione/Tom
Rating: R
Spoiler Warnings: This is DH compliant up to a point. It is, however, very much an AU.
Summary: Four years after the defeat of Voldemort, Hermione finds she has a chance to defeat him again. This time, however, she faces a much different enemy than the monster.
Author's notes: Originally written in ficlet form for freetheelves2 as part of the Riddle Gifts challenge. Then it grew. Much thanks to Georgia for the thorough beta-ing, and to Kate and Lynette for their insight and feedback. This is the first time I’ve written in this pairing, and it was a huge challenge to make everything plausible. I hope you enjoy reading it!


Part One )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] tigerlilyaj!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Here is the latest R-rated (yet very well-written) Riddlefic in which Minerva is strong and IC. In White by [ profile] kethlenda

"Life on Mars" continues to be quite good.

Speaking of travelling in time, MTV is 25 years old today. Which means almost 25 years ago, I turned it to that channel and watched "Heart of Glass" by Blondie and said "OMG THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER"!!! Then I pretty much didn't stop watching till they stopped playing videos. VH1 Classic is playing that entire first day, you see. Complete with Vee Jays.

I have obviously gone through a time warp. It can't really have been that long.

*cries hysterically*

*just kidding*

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Over at [ profile] darklord_news, there is a fic/art challenge - the Dark Lord Wishfest

[ profile] ink_monkey wished for this: After a drunken one night stand (maybe after a party to celebrate finishing Hogwarts?), McGonagall tells Tom that she's pregnant. He has to marry her (to avoid a scandal, to avoid her enraged father, whatever reason), and finds his plans totally derailed by his resentful, shrewish bride. Set sometime after Hogwarts and before Hepzibah Smith's death. I'm envisioning this as a comedy, but any genre aside from tragedy or crackfic is fine.

Here is what I came up with!

A Beneficial Arrangement )
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For McTabby's Cat's Birthday, HP Drabblethon III, I asked for Young Tom Riddle figures out the anagram that will change his life with "help" from Peeves
. [ profile] dolorous_ett wrote me a wonderful, wonderful drabble.

[ profile] maeglyedi wrote a great one, as well.

There are many fabulous drabbles. I love [ profile] mctabby. So much. Seriously - her drabble and ficlet challenges are a big part of what made me expand my writing horizons and take chances.

I wrote Snape/Lily - it was okay. All the drabbles are worth a look.

I had a lovely Easter with Aspen, Peeps, and no protestors at church! I volunteered last week and this week both to help if they were around, but phew! They did not come. So hurray.
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I enjoy Dark Lord News quite a bit, as there are often decent Riddlefics listed (though sometimes there are some I skim and huff in frustration at - Minerva is often so badly characterized in the pairing fic I've seen). Anyway, I saw this - The Astrological Puzzle of Tom Riddle.

Interesting. Even though the author set the time of birth in the afternoon, and he was clearly born at night, since the orphanage matron says so, it's probably not too far off (looks to [ profile] tigerlilyaj). Most interesting is the Gemini rising aspect, since I originally set Tom's bday in my first Tom/Minerva fic as June 6. I changed it to January 6 by Milliways time, so ha! I was close.

While this is all quite cool and well thought out, P's bday is Jan. 1, and he is not an evil overlord (okay, he is when it comes to sports on tv). Hee hee hee.

In other actual fandom news, I bought a wand tonight while with [ profile] genarti and [ profile] shati at the wonderful toy/costume/magic shop called Wizard's Chest (where we tried on wigs and dresses and hats and whee!) It is the Malfoy variation, and it matches my tattoo's wand. Although as I looked at the Hermione and Ron versions all lined up in the display, I could only think, "Dear me, how phallic these are..."

*giggles and sings* The wizard's staff has a knob on the end!

Hoo boy. Stupid wands. :P
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This Riddlefic, For the Procreation of Children by [ profile] nineveh_uk (recced by [ profile] mctabby and focusing on the elder Riddle) made me gleeful. Not that it's happy or anything. It's just very very very cool, and focuses on Tom's parents.

You know, I really liked this story, but I still think it's a cop-out for his mother to be EVIL and HORRID. I hope JKR doesn't go that route. I will predict that she probably will. Blast.

Oh, and [ profile] potterpuffs rocks my world. OMG so cute.


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