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Not feeling so great. My ears are all woogly. We've had two big fronts move through, so I think that's the cause. My sinuses are going nuts. I went home early today, because my head was all swimmy and I was nauseous. I'm feeling less icky today, but my head still hurts.

Just when I think I am a hack writer and will never write anything good again, I get this incredible review from my one Good Omens story of which I am still very proud. I signed up for [ profile] hp_darkfest as a result. Whee? It's due around Halloween, so I have time, and I can write 1000 words of spooky darkness. I think. I seriously have been kind of treading water with writing and RPing. I'm going under more often than not, and while I have many ideas, I fail in the execution. But... these things happen. Especially when you're tired and your ears are woogly.

Speaking of fic and reviews, I really enjoyed a Narnia series, In Constellated Wars by [ profile] bedlamsbard. It's movieverse, genfic, and looks at one night through the POV of each of the Pevensies and Caspian. While I don't necessarily agree with all of her interpretations of the characters, she has built in a rich Golden Ages background for the Pevensies, and it's pretty amazing.

Oh, and also? Go see Mamma Mia. Go with girlfriends or female family, preferably. You will be glad you did. *loves on that movie*
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Ug. I really meant to get up on time and go to church today. But... I just plain didn't. Next week I will try to get on a less sloth-like schedule.

RP last night was SO MUCH FUN, though. I hadn't enjoyed it that much in quite a while.

Also, I finally finished Wheel of Time book five. Oh Moiraine. How you rock. She is just incredible, but poor Lan. I really felt for him. Nynaeve was also right there with the kicking of Forsaken ass. I'm liking Egwene a little less than I used to, which makes me sad. Mat is getting even better though. I really like his characterization. I feel sorry for Rand, though. His position is not an enviable one. I do enjoy this series, even if it takes me forever to read each book.
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Whee! I've rummaged about, kicked computers, and managed to get ready for my trip tomorrow.

Aaaaand I am also a member of [ profile] vox_lacuna, my very first all HP game. It is, as described in the user info, the Voice of the Missing Text. Here we will be writing/playing out the stories that didn't get put into Rowling's books. Posts will take a variety of forms (letters, diary entries, pensieves, hospital reports, etc). Each player will take on a character mentioned in canon and flesh out their story. There are no generational restrictions. We might see Ginny's diary entries, Lucius' orders at Borgin and Burke's, Minerva's letters to Dumbledore. The only restriction is that the characterization and existing canon must be followed closely.

I play Minerva, [ profile] sior_gaisgiel, and I am tickled pink.

Or tartan.

*whistles innocently* Applications are being taken now. Play begins at the end of the month.

See some of you soon, see the rest of you intermittently until next week! I am off to Chicago!
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Pardon my whining. But... I hate grad school, I'm tired, and I want to play but caaaaaaan't.

Wah. I was even in a foul mood last night that was not boosted by retail therapy (but, ooh, shiny! I have two cute pairs of pants and a darling pair of shoes). I'll get over it. I blame my hormones whether it's that or not :P I have in the past two nights gone to sleep at my old normal time, and surprise, surprise! I haven't slept that great either night. That's some irony for you.

I did however get a Neverwhere-universe plot bunny from watching a documentary on the Great London Fire. *facepalms*

Stupid class... we hates it, my precious.

Must... leave... computer... lab.... *clutches onto keyboard while Responsibility pulls me awaaaaaaaay*


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