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I’ve had my mind on clothes and fashion for a while now, and I’ve wanted to write about my style, the challenges (or lack thereof) I face as a “woman of a certain age”, and other thinky thoughts. I’ve always been intrigued by style and glamor. When I was in high school, I seriously considered a career as a fashion designer or fashion buyer. My personal style – as evidenced by the 80’s picspam I foist on you – was quirky and eclectic. It still is, but in different ways.

In discussion with a twenty-something friend about the Madonna episode of Glee, however, I realized that in order to talk about my style, I needed to delve into some pop culture and music history for a foundation of what formed me, and why I dress the way I did and do. This got a little long and detailed. Please note: These are my opinions from my experiences, and no one has to agree with them or remember things the way I do. That is what makes them my opinions!

Fashion, turn to the left )
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We went to see Rent (the touring show with the originators of Mark and Roger performing) for Prom Queen's birthday. She is seventeen, omg! Anyway, I had never seen it, and oh, okay, now I see what the fuss was all about. I'm just about thirteen years late.

See, P hates musicals (except for Jesus Christ Superstar), and while I enjoyed Annie and other popular musicals as a kid, I never got into them and I never really got to see many on stage. My high school did not do musicals (we did straight up theater) and my theater track in college was definitely not the musical theater track. In fact, I think it is fair to say I was a musical snob for a long time. If it wasn't theater (without the silly singing), I wasn't interested (except for Cabaret - that was my big favorite). It was a thing.

Now we are much more receptive. In the last few years I've seen Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and now Rent for the first time ever on stage. One of these days, I'll see Les Mis - it is on the list.

Rent was quite good, even though I cared far less about Mimi/Roger than I did Angel/Collins or Joann/Maureen. But the music was, wow, energizing, to say the least, and I loved the staging. The ensemble last night was quite good, but I think some songs got a bit oversung; it was hard to hear words, but there was plenty of voice. Of course, we were also in the nosebleed seats, so it could be that we just didn't get the best effect up there. The show's highest praise came from P who said, "It was a lot better than I thought it would be." *snickers*
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Just got back from Unwigged and Unplugged. I must sleep, but I say here briefly that OMG Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer are incredible musicians and entertainers. Also, Annette O'Toole can sing!

And they played fanvids! And called them fanvids!

*geeks out*
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I has a router again!

This is only because Jen had to go out and buy a new one. After, literally, hours on the phone with the idiots at Qwest, instead of the replacement we were supposed to receive, we got an installation disk. Helpful, huh? Finally she talked to someone with a clue, and we are getting a much faster one on May 26th. Until then, we have the extra replacement.

We went to the Cure concert last night at Red Rocks. It was absolutely amazing. They played for three hours; there were four encores. Four. This is the sixth time I've seen them, and while I missed the synth sound that fills out their music, their current iteration is powerful (bass, two guitars, drums), and damn, they can play for guys pushing fifty.

I am far behind on my Friends list and e-mail. And now I'm tired. *watches Ugly Betty and takes Intarweb pressure off of self*
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I saw Tori Amos in concert last Wednesday night. It was a fabulous show. She strutted out in red dress and high heels and was so cute! She was Santa - the platinum blond with martini persona. The first song was a rocking version of "She's Your Cocaine" and it segued into "Hoochie Woman" (with Tori cha-cha-ing about the stage pouring drinks for the musicians first).

She played quite a few songs from a nicely funky version of "Corn Flake Girl" to a lovely "Silent All These Years" to a forceful "Pancake". Of course there were a few from the new album, too, but there was a nice general mix.

She also told an adorable story about her daughter asking "what's a bisexual, mummy?" that morning before she'd even "had my cup of tea". She didn't want to get into it, until Natasha said, "But you have to tell because you're my mummy and Tori Amos, and you stand for truth!"

So she likened it to the vegetarians and non-vegetarians on the tour, ending it with "bisexuals just can't decide what they want!" To which her daughter replies (with Tori cracking up as she said it), "Maybe that's because they're extra hungry."

This is the fourth time I've seen her in Denver, and I was delighted that she also said that this was one of her very favorite places to play in the United States. We're cool.
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I had a fun day.

I started it with Belly Dancing Fitness at my gym. I kinda loved it, and I got a great work out. They, um, do performances. The group of ladies all had the jingly belts and scraves, because it was just such fun to dance. I'm going back next Saturday.

Then there was Supernatural with my best SPN buddy AnimeGirl (Jen's younger daughter, who stayed the night with us after her performance in a two hour marathon of a middle school production of "High School Musical" the night before. Oy.) I also showed her [ profile] sisabet's amazing Turn You Inside Out vid and we squeed a bit more. Then she complained miserably that the next new one wasn't till March 15th and I saved the day by revealing the season 2 eps she's not seen waiting for her on the laptop.

On the way to take her home, we stopped by one of our favorite haunts, Unique Thrift Store, where P. found yet more vinyl and another amp. This one is "even better" than the other... four he has in the basement. I picked out an awesome record - Marty Robbins "More Gunfighter Ballads - mostly for the cover. Which I find delightful. His cover of "Streets of Laredo" isn't too shabby.

Tomorrow I get to go baby visiting! It is a good weekend.
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So one of the best parts of [ profile] varadia's visit was the sheer amount of plot ideas we came up with. For all of our characters (including Aspen's). There is much, much plot now. And here I was saying I had none. SILLY ME.

Now we just have to find the time and energy to put these plots into action.

Lost was meh. Ish. I am a little disappointed. I sure hope things pick up for the show.

I have found something I like to do at work. I am archiving and organizing one of the sharepoint sites where the old courses go. I am finding I am really, really enjoying whipping it into shape. Alas, it isn't a very long project, though. Still, for the rest of this week I shall slap my headphones on and enjoy.

Speaking of headphones, I got the newest Rasputina over the weekend, and I ADORE it. Usually they are kind of hit or miss - I usually like a few songs on each cd but the others leave me cold. This one is much more consistent. So now I have all of my Rasputina on my iPod.

I really, really love my iPod. So so much.
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Horseback riding at Moraine Park Stables in Rocky Mountain National Park = FUN AND PRETTY
Four+ hours of said riding = about two hours more than I should have tried, as I haven't ridden in, oh, over ten years. We went up and around Beaver Mountain, and it was a fairly rugged trail. My horse (Stumpy - or Bob, which I liked better) was very surefooted and also very clever. He knew how to scam me by stop for eating grass at every possible moment when I wasn't expecting him to.

However, I am not too sore today, and I would like to try again on a shorter ride sometime in the not too far away future. I really enjoyed the experience. I've always wanted to do more horseback riding.

Meme! The favorite songs one (which I updated and changed a bit to make slightly more relevent and interesting) )

I had to do a lot of looking for titles as I usually only remember lyrics. Wow, that was a time waster. Whee! Lazy Sunday afternoon!
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I am Goth!Mom, hear me roar!

The Bauhaus show was awesome, and having our goddaughter here was even more so. She's become a really cool person. And OMG she was so excited in a very laconic way.

I totally felt like Goth!Mom though. Luckily, there were many Goth!Moms at the show (Julie, I loooooked for you!!!) and I dressed up moderately which was much fun. And this morning? I totally made a well-balanced breakfast for her. It was fun.

Sara spent all day today watching Blackadder. Lots and lot of it. All the while she was uploading most of our Cure and Bauhaus/Peter Murphy collection onto her iPod. So cute.

I would love to have one more day of weekend, however.
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Ack... I have been inattentive and loserly lately. Sorry if I haven't been commenting to you guys lately. I will try to multitask better. Surprisingly, it isn't technically Milliways that has been sucking my soul, but different facet of RP in which I feel like I'm working on a second draft of a characterization that is actually truer to canon and personality. I adore both the characterizations, but the latter is surprisingly intense and interesting. Hooboy... gotta love the internet crack.

Oooh, P. got me The Beekeeper (new Tori) - 'Tis brilliant. I really, really like it.

We are now watching a Jamie Callum DVD - he is an amazing musician and performer.
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With the sound of lots and lots of music. We've been hitting the genres pretty hard this evening. Starting with Johnny Cash - the newest cd, America IV: the Man Comes Around. This blew me away. He covers Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" - and he makes you forget anyone else ever did it. Nick Cave sings with him on a Hank Williams Sr. song. AND he sings "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails and it's more intense in a way then the original. Dude, it's gothalicious goodness from the Man in Black! It's actually a fine, fine album. I am mightily impressed.

See, our home has been undergoing a slight country conversion lately. It started with Dwight Yoakum and Hank Sr. and some roots music. Then Dixie Chicks hit, and we've been loving their music. Most recently P. has gone on a Willie Nelson kick. Let me tell you, Willie is a fine song writer with a beautiful way of phrasing his songs. And the sounds he gets from his old, beat up guitar - beautiful. So now with the new Johnny Cash, I have a feeling we'll be looking for more of his work as well. It must be the whole growing up in Oklahoma thing ;) But I will not touch modern country with a ten foot pole - Alan Jackson can kiss my ass.

So we moved on from Mr. Cash to some old video tapes of - viideos! Most of which date from 1993 or so when we moved away from the little town we lived in while in college to a place where we actually got cable. We taped soooo many videos from MTV when we finally had it again. Of course, this was when MTV played slightly more videos than now. Sigh, remember "120 Minutes"? Good times, good times. This tape has some great stuff though - "Perfect Drug" Nine Inch Nails (in which Trent Reznor is the closest to my mental image of Snape than anyone else), "Caught a Light Sneeze" Tori, "Put Your Hand in the Puppet Head" They Might Be Giants...

But my sickening revelation of the night - the fact that I am, indeed, getting old whether I like it or not - was when "How Soon Is Now" by the Smiths came on. Now, this is one of my favorite songs ever - it was my teenage anthem. P, ever the realist, turns to me and says 'This is almost 20 years old." I couldn't wrap my head around that. In 1984, my 14 yr-old-self looked at 20 years ago and saw the early Beatles. It was like ancient history. And that's how the teens now look back at my music. It is so weird to think about it that way. So weird. WAH.

But anyhoo, it's been a pleasant evening. And I'm not so old that I don't like some new stuff. Ok, I only like Coldplay - all the rap and hip hop stuff out there now sounds like mostly rude noise to me, but oh well.


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