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I planned to see the new Harry Potter tomorrow afternoon. I still plan to see it then! But I couldn't wait until then, so I met [personal profile] adjudicated and her kiddos at the theater right after work.

Oh my god, you guys, SO MUCH SQUEE )
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You guys? You guys??? OH. MY. GOD.

I am drawing tiny hearts all over Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince )

So yes. Two enthusiastic, ecstatic thumbs up. I'm going to see it again. And probably again.

OH! I keep forgetting to post this, and in celebration, I have proof that Dark forces are at work in Colorado Springs. PROOF! )

This building has been vacant for a few years, and I know that it's a front, a fake building for Dark wizard gatherings!!! It is, however, not Unplottable, because I can find it juuuust fine.

Yes, I know I am just a little crazy.
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A post in two parts, since I kept running out of time/energy/will to post them earlier.

Star Trek!!!! )

My dreams are freakin' cool )
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Oh man... I had a to-do list today, but nothing's gotten done. SIGH. I... haven't even eaten anything. Oh dear. That's seriously bad slothtasticness.

*returns from obtaining snack*

I saw Twilight yesterday! )

One of my slothtastic activities today was to watch the latest South Park, which I haven't watched in ages. It was hilarious and it fits with the vampiric theme. You can watch it here. It's called "The Ungroundable" and it's basically Goth Kids vs Vampire Wannabes. Or, as this quote so eloquently puts it, "They aren't Goth kids, they're douchey little vampire kids!"


Okay. I am moving now. To do things. God.
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We saw Dark Knight and the last Avatar tonight. I appreciated the former; it was well done, but not necessarily enjoyable for me, if you get what I mean. I did like it )

Avatar, on the other hand, was delightful, and I'm glad we watched it after the movie. Small Avatar spoiler )

I have to show everyone Dr. Horrible next, which also pleased me muchly in its entirety. )
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Prince Caspian - Eeee! )

In summation: Happy-making for Viv
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Happy birthday, [ profile] minorshan!!! I hope you had a great one.

In Iron Man news, [ profile] yahtzee63 had a great review which really pinpointed why I liked it so much. Go read!

I'm tired, I had a rare row with my mom on the phone last night, and it was a Monday-ish Monday. However, I got to see my chiropractor today after a long absence, and life is a little less painful and tense. So that's good.
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Go see Iron Man No, seriously. Go see it.


Wow. Wow. Wow.

It surpassed all my expectations, and holy cow, but my love for Robert Downey, Jr. glows burning hot.
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Oh, I saw Sweeney Todd last night! I didn't know the plot or the songs, so I went in thinking I knew what to expect, but ended up getting a really cool story and characters that were more three dimensional than I thought they'd be.

Johnny Depp sings. He needs to sing more. As does Alan Rickman. And when they sing together? SWOON. Seriously though, I loved Johnny's voice, and I thought he did a distinctly different character here, even if it had echoes of other characters he's played.

I loved the sets and costuming. I usually enjoy Tim Burton movie visions, so I am not surprised, but I especially enjoyed this movie's look. There were some Neverwhere resonances with the street scenes, which was an extra added bonus.

Hmm. Tim Burton directing a version of Neverwhere. Now that could be interesting.
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Visit going fine, but omg Internet withdrawal. I miss my nightly AIM sessions.

We just watched "Little Miss Sunshine" - what a funny movie. It gives hope to all of us whose family's put the fun in dysfunctional.

Also finished reading The Sparrow today. I need to reread, but as usual, Lynette steered me to a book I absolutely adore. It was moving in ways I can't quite verbalize till I read it again.

My Yuletide recipient enjoyed the story I wrote, and I've received more comments on it than in past years, so go me. I'm glad I wrote something totally out of my comfort zone.
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Here be pirates - our Halloween-ready yard. Muahahaha!

I saw Marie Antoinette )
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I have a happy little clam icon, thanks to [ profile] gao!

Tonight, however, I am a tired little clam. I also realized I missed Life on Mars last night. Blarg.

Word to the wise: Don't ever volunteer to help a church event the year they decide to change things to make said event different from years past. If you think Internet wank is fun, wait till you've experienced grumpy elderly people wank directed at you! Ahahaha...

OH! I saw "Snakes on a Plane" Sunday. It was so bad that it was good. Seriously, Samuel L. was worth seeing, but I liked Julianna Marguiles, too. I kinda liked it way more than I thought I would. It was not a good movie, but it was a fun movie. I didn't feel sorry for the snakes when they were in copious numbers, but even Tom would have scolded them soundly for their behavior anyway.
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I just got back from Brokeback Mountain. It was an excellent film. I had read the short story a long time ago, so I knew the story. I thought the screenplay was very well written - it's tricky to take something short and make it long, but this worked. In fact, upon reading the short story, I had wanted more anyway.

Heath Ledger was incredible. I was blown away by his fierce, vulnerable performance.

And the story? It's so much more than a "gay cowboy film". So, so much more.
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Narnia OMG so good )

I will not be around much this whole week. My mom and mom-in-law are flying in for an early Christmas visit combined with my graduation for my Masters degree next Saturday. But I'll zip on to check email and the like, and do a wee bit of chat, so it won't be a total absence. :)
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Slytherdor )

Jen's daughter has a major thing for Draco. She's been arguing with us all weekend how unfair and mean it was for him to be turned into a bouncing ferret. It is most amusing. The other daughter is mooning over Cedric. It's awesome.

I am reading So You Want To Be a Wizard and enjoying it muchly. There is major plot a-brewing over at Milliways to unite Neverwhere and Young Wizards canon, so I am trying to read the series as quickly as possible.

Why am I not further up on the holds list for "Love in a Cold Climate" at the library? We wants it, my precious.

Will Farrell is a doofus. And not in a good way. "Bewitched" (the movie) should be much funnier that it actually is. Hmm. Back to the book, I think.
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Happy Birthday. LillithJ!!!

And to Severus Snape, apparently! I knew he was a Capricorn. I knew it! I think I even set his birthday in January for my story "Regaining". Muahahhahahaha! Yay for fandom clairvoyance.

Yesterday was a productive day, speaking of fandom. I had a chance to watch some Firefly - that was such a good show. I'm glad I have the series on DVD. I'd forgotten how well acted and brilliantly written it was. I also had a chance to watch more of the extras on RotK.

I also started reading the Dark Tower books finally, and I'm already liking the first one a great deal. I've been told I can read one of them out of sequence - The Wizard and the Glass. That's the one I'm most interested in reading.

Finally, I saw "A Series of Unfortunate Events" last night and loved it. I thought it was well-done and captured the wry, dark feel of the books. It actually had a more positive message than I'd thought it would. The children were lovely to watch. The grown ups you just wanted to smack about (well, maybe not Uncle Montgomery) which might be why kids love the books so much. That's my theory, anyway.

My cat woke me up this morning yowling in my ear. Not just a quiet meow, or a purr, but a full on series of "MOOOOOROWR" - which translates, I think, to "Wake up and feed me, you lazy slut!" I did, eventually. She's persistent and very crabby today. She was sitting on P's lap and he sneezed. She hissed at him for disturbing her!

Since Jordan's been gone, she's also been getting into a lot more mischief. Like chewing a hole through the bag the bread comes in and nibbling at will. Silly thing. *cuddles grumpy, yowly kitty*
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So my thoughts on the Matrix experience )

By the way, I saw at one point a great LJ icon-gif with Agent Smith and the ghost twins, but the text read "Elladan and Elrohir, something somthing" referencing Hugo Weaving playing Elrond. [ profile] spicedrum was that one of yours? Does anyone know whose it is?


May. 5th, 2003 09:13 pm
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I had the best weekend. I did nothing but relax. I actually got to watch a couple of videos, which I never seem to do. One was an old movie called The Garden of Allah with Marlene Dietrich and Charles Boyer. It wasn't the greatest movie ever, but it had some great angsty doomed love, and I think Charles Boyer might be Johhny Depp's secret grandfather ;) He definitely had the soulful brown eyes and vulnerable yet masculine vibe going on.

Speaking of doomed love, I got through The Scene in my Tom/Minerva story!!!!! Hurrah, my first lurve scene and I can actually reread it without my eyes burning. I am actually excited about how this story is going. I hope it gets read at some point :P I need to get the first chapters ready for the Dark Arts section at Fiction Alley, since isn't really a good place for this story. I think it is now officially NC-17. Woo hoo!

I also made a Strange and Wondrous soundtrack. Tee hee. I love this fic writing stuff. Now I have to sit down and work on a little Blame Someone ficlet for [ profile] mctabby: I was given a Narcissa/Gilderoy theme preferably involving lots of mirrors. Finally got a good idea to go from today. Man, why do I have to work when there's so much fun stuff to do?

Oh, we watched Manor House on PBS - the latest historical reality show. These are like crack to me. This time it's an Edwardian mansion with the upstairs/downstairs trials and tribulations. They're two episodes in and have already gone through two scullery maids. It's great stuff.
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X2 - Loved it!
Spoilers )

Oh, and how about the Matrix preview? Cool, eh? The Hulk preview though - much less cool. And we got to see a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen preview. I really want to find that comic.

Libraries make me so happy - I found the Reading Buffy essay book today, and I also checked out my first Terry Pritchard (Wyrd Sisters). Happy happy fantasy/scifi/horror joy joy


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