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Wow. We did it. There was celebrating last night. I, er, might have been quoted as saying... ooooh, I am not sure what I was saying, actually, other than it was REALLY FUNNY AT THE TIME.

Remind me never to drink vodka again. Oh my head.

In any case, I have to leave my Millicon lovelies this afternoon, although there is one more night left to the official con. I am finding it hard to believe that every single worry I fretted over came to naught. This was an amazing experience, and I hope a lot of new friends have been made, and friends have grown closer. I know this has been the case for me.

ETA - If I don't get to say goodbye to you, GOODBYE!!! I'LL MISS YOU!!! (((((HUGE HUGS)))))
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Things are going very well! We had a great first night, thanks to [ profile] sir_gareth and [ profile] ms_ntropy and their brilliant Trivia Night. Which, sadly, included many questions I did not know the answers to. Some of them were about my own characters. *facepalm*

In any case, it was a lovely beginning. I have squeed (squeeed?) muchly today, as people walked in and said "I'm So-and-So". There was glomping. In [ profile] smallestopener garb. *giggles*

I do wish [ profile] chaos_pockets was feeling more in the mood for a rollicking good time.

Tomorrow I see my Lynette! YAY! *snugs [ profile] miraielle from not too much afar*

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I am in DC! With suitcases intact! With mailed box picked up! ALL IS WELL!!!!


*blows kisses to my DC well-wishers for the informative comments*
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I am now in a nervous spin of pre-event jitters. I am worried I my suitcases will get lost or the box I mailed to the hotel will have been... captured and held ransom my Hotel Elves. I am frantic about forgetting something important and about people not having fun or me not having fun due to other people and AUGH!!!

Today was hellish at work, and I very much wanted to come home and take my half-a-valium from my hoarded stash of two whole tablets and drink some wine. I did neither. I drank water and went to yoga instead.

Packing is done. Except for the little stray bits you put in at last minute. I have a list.

Once I get there, bags intact, I will feel much better. And when I am in DC there are three things I must do. You are all witnesses.

1. I must take the subway somewhere. I have never been on a subway. Ever.

2. I must by a baseball shirt for my wonderful husband who lets me gallivant off across the country. They are the Nationals, I think. I will forget. Someone must help me find a shopping venue. SRSLY.

3. I must go to at least one or two museums, because I am a geek and I really enjoy going to museums.

I know I will have a fabulous time and see wonderful people. I hope there is time for some sightseeing/shopping fun in places like Dupont Circle or somewhere. But those three things must be done.

Okay, I try to go to sleep now. Try being the word, there.

AIEEEE TOMORROW I MEET PEOPLE I'VE KNOWN FOR TWO YEARS AND HAVE NEVER SEEEEEEN. And I get to see friends I've seen once or twice in two years. It is all good.

*spins off in a whirling dervish-y way*


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