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The subject of this post has been the title of my reading/friends page for a long, long time because it is true.

When I met Aspen for lunch today, I saw her carrying a huge pot of lavender, and I thought, "Wow, somewhere near here must have plants for sale, since I know Aspen's been doing lots of yard work, that must be something she just bought."

But then she said it was mine, and she gave me the Tattered Cover card and gift certificate and told me about the massage, and I cried. I couldn't help it. They were good tears, and they are coming on again now, because I am so grateful to have such good friends. The past two weeks have been full of sadness for me, and sometimes (due to valid annnnnd not-so-valid reasons on both my and Mr. Viv's parts), I don't get the all emotional support I need at home. Or not in ways that are demonstrable.

To know I have a support group out there who cares about me enough to make this gesture means a lot to me. And now I am crying even harder, but you know what? That's okay.

Thank you so very, very much.


Dec. 3rd, 2011 02:07 pm
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Pretty much the best thing ever is sitting on the couch on a cold, snowy afternoon with a cup of tea and a cat on the lap. I have a metric ton of laundry to do, and I should do some Christmas Tasks, but mostly I think I'm gonna chill out and read fan fic for a while.
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I am kicked back, watching the cracktacularness that is the Macy's Parade. Dance, Wee Daniel Radcliffe, dance! I just ate a bear claw and coffee (mmmm, Starbucks Christmas blend). Today is not our cooking day, so basically, I get to relax. SWEET.

I started The Hunger Games. Finally. Ah. I see what all the fuss may be about. Three guesses as to what I'll be doing today besides enjoying a delicious meal!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
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Forwarded messages from Moms can sometimes be eye-brow raising or delete button pressing. Holy cow, you guys - this one actually worked:

The Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake in the World )

OM NOM NOM. We added almonds, too. DELICIOUS. I needed some chocolate cake, too.
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I made you an LJ post, but I ated it. I have meant to update more this week and failed miserably, so here is a catch all post.

Happy birthday a little late, [ profile] wanderlustlover! Or... is it early? I am not sure with time zones. I hope it is/was wonderful.

I cannot believe it's May already. This year is flying by.

I am watching cute squirrels sproing around my now-green yard. Our flowers and plants are coming back, which is always a magical thing for me every single spring.

I finished Hatful of Sky, the second in Pratchett's Tiffany Aching series, and I am here to tell you that I love his witch characters with a love that is vast and deep. It's rare in fantasy (as we all know) that you see female relationships written about in such ways. I mean, female protagonist, antagonists, mentors of different stripes - and some supporting male characters, who are nice but not the reason for the story. I'd love to read more about Granny Aching, but more Tiffany and Granny Weatherwax would be juuust fine. I'll snag the third book from the library tomorrow, I think.

I meant to write a more complete review on my Unwigged and Unplugged concert experience, but I fail in that, too. Here is the website, though!

I am, I realize, not unhappy that SPN only has one more season to go. I still enjoy watching it, but yeah. Sometimes endings are a good thing.

I caved and now have a DW account. I am vivien there, with no 529. I don't know how to do the code, or I would. I don't really plan to do much with it. I might post fic and/or back up my journal there. I am keeping my LJ as my main journal, though.

Work is good! I taught a class for teachers for the first time, and despite being worried I'd screw things up totally, I was not as nervous as I thought I'd be and it was also easier than I thought it would be. I got very good reviews, too. So that was a huge weight off my shoulders.

This time next week I will be in OK. This trip happened a bit on the fast side, but I am glad I am making it.

Hokay. I quit talking now.
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You guys... there is a Salad Fingers reference in one of the comics I read (Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli).

I am laughing so hard. Talk about bizarre! My staid newspaper has Salad Fingers.
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Aw, maaaan, I just realized "80 Hours of the '80s" is on VH1 Classic. And it is late...


Oh, Shriekback, your "Nemesis" video terrified me in the good way (and was the only one my mom ever freaked out about), but now it just looks so goofy. *giggles*

This has been a great weekend. I am so glad I have one more day of it.
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I am having a fabulous morning. It is raining, and I mean, pouring down rain with gentle thunder every now and again. This is rare, and I miss these kinds of days. I have nothing to do but cash a check at the bank and go to the comic store with said cash. I am under a blankie with the cool of unusual weather around me. There are birds tweeting, and the house is silent. I could take a nap right now, if I want, and I think I want.

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Friends from Oklahoma came to visit this weekend. The reason they came up was for the Eddie Izzard show last night. OMG. I laughed so hard. He was even better than the last time I saw him, and on a sharp, Carlin-esque roll. With Latin in action! And giant squids! And smart history (Charles Darwin wrote the book "Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys, You!") and fabulous pantomime and a Wikipedia routine that was so true it was painfully funny. I will definitely be buying a DVD of this tour if it comes out.

I got a "Covered in Bees" t-shirt that I am very eager to wear. Oh man... I love Eddie Izzard. He totally plugged "The Riches", too, which I didn't mind at all since he mentioned they were on, and I have gotten behind in watching! So yay.

ETA: I wrote this earlier in the day, but I just got a call from my friend, B, on her way back to OK. Beth is a HUGE Eddie fan, and has been for years now. She was championing him before most folks had heard of him. After the concert, there was a huge line for shirts, pictures, etc. in the lobby. I'd scurried out right after to get my shirts and go, since it was late, and I have to get up crazy early for work. B and her husband and our two other friends who had made the road trip were still in line, and about 10 minutes after I bid them farewell, Eddie comes down to the lobby for Q&A! B was too shy (and starstruck) to ask any questions, but my other friends did, and it made her night.

That would have made her trip right there, and how cool, right?

BUT WAIT - THERE'S MORE! B and her husband are cigar aficionados, and B loves old places with stately charm and lots of wood paneling. Last time they came to Denver to see Eddie with me, they went to the Brown Palace Hotel, an historic, still very swanky hotel near the Paramount Theater where Eddie played. B and T decided to go again, but they skipped the Ship's Tavern in favor of the Churchill Lounge, which turned out to be a cigar bar, so they were very happy. So there they are, comfortable on a leather couch, drinking good drinks, and having a cigar, when B sees someone from the lobby. It was a person who'd come and whispered in Eddie's ear as a kind of wrap-up for the lobby q&a. B turns to T and says, "Hey, it's the guy from the lobby!" T replies, "I know. Look who just sat down in front of us."

At the table in front of their couch area was Eddie and his tech crew! They could only see the back of his head, but he was that close. They told their waitress they wanted to buy him a drink, and when she let him know, he turned around and said "Thanks!" B just beamed, gobsmacked, but her husband said "That was a great show." He thanked them again, and they, not being goofy fans, let it go at that. But when he got up to leave, he turned to them again and nodded his thanks.

B is on cloud nine. They're framing their receipt for their home bar and Bombay Sapphire and Tonics will be the new drink of the house. HOW COOL IS THAT???
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We saw Dark Knight and the last Avatar tonight. I appreciated the former; it was well done, but not necessarily enjoyable for me, if you get what I mean. I did like it )

Avatar, on the other hand, was delightful, and I'm glad we watched it after the movie. Small Avatar spoiler )

I have to show everyone Dr. Horrible next, which also pleased me muchly in its entirety. )
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Eeee, free wireless at the airport makes me happy, since I can watch Dr. Horrible, which is OMG one of the best things I've seen in a long time. I am seriously in major love. Oh, Nathan Filion and Neil Patrick Harris, you make me smile. *draws tiny hearts around Joss Whedon*

My flight back to Denver is 6663. I think I'll say 'Christo' a lot. *giggles*

I cannot wait to get home. I cannot wait to see Batman, also. *nounces* This has been a fabulous week, and now I get a weekend. It was like a vacation! W00t!

ETA: Oh, AND there is new Avatar waiting for me at home and I have developed an alarmingly intense, quite belated crush on Peter Pevensie.

My fandom glee overfloweth.
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Now that Yuletide authors are revealed, I am proud to announce my contributions! This year, I was able to write two stories, which was a lofty goal I set and met.

I wrote Falling Up from Fallen for [ profile] bonibaru - this year was the first time I wrote for someone I actually knew, so it was a story I really wanted to do well with. Fallen is an ABC Family miniseries involving angels, Fallen and Flying, and Nephilim. It's great fun, and Azazel is a glorious character to write.

I wrote The Lady of the House of the Arch from Neverwhere for [ profile] such_heights as an extra treat. It was an extra treat to write, and much of it might sound familiar to Millimuns.

I have rebound from the post-holiday blues, it would seem, and I am feeling pretty good on this first day of 2008. It's also P's birthday (OMG HE IS OLD!) and we are having much fun doing family things. So yay. I prefer being cheerful.
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Wow. I have two little bits of my Yuletide fic and they equal 796 words! That's extremely exciting! Now I just have to wrangle the parts into the shapes I need them to be and decide what else I need to write.

Today was one of those Mighty Fine Days. Good friend time, beautiful sky, incredibly good nap, and reeeelaxation. Plus I got some stuff done I'd been putting off, and all is good.

I finished my re-read of Neverwhere, and I have the beginnings of Ideas. Muahahaha.

So yeah, good day. I love good days.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] saphyria!!!! Have a fabulous 21st!

I survived jelly making and canning yesterday. Every year we do it, and every year we forget that we need more big containers and fewer jars. Most importantly, we forget how arduous the task is and how long it takes. Next year there will be plans for organized efficiency. After four years, I think we're going to actually, you know, write things down so that next year it doesn't cause scalding, exhaustion, and hysterical laughter. But even with all that, man, it's fun! And now I have seven jars of jelly for presents and such!

This October I am trying something new. [ profile] eldritchhobbit does a countdown to Halloween with daily spooky posts of literature, links, polls, etc. I love this idea and Halloween so much, that I am appropriating it somewhat. I plan on posting one Halloween historical fact or one spooky word linguistic derivation per day all this spooky month. I've never posted in my journal every day, so this will be a cool thing to try. Plus, I like using my Halloween icons. It makes me giggly to think of it, so I hope it will be fun for you all to read.

It is gorgeous here today. I'm going on a long walk soon, I think, to soak in the impossibly blue sky.
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Whee! I've rummaged about, kicked computers, and managed to get ready for my trip tomorrow.

Aaaaand I am also a member of [ profile] vox_lacuna, my very first all HP game. It is, as described in the user info, the Voice of the Missing Text. Here we will be writing/playing out the stories that didn't get put into Rowling's books. Posts will take a variety of forms (letters, diary entries, pensieves, hospital reports, etc). Each player will take on a character mentioned in canon and flesh out their story. There are no generational restrictions. We might see Ginny's diary entries, Lucius' orders at Borgin and Burke's, Minerva's letters to Dumbledore. The only restriction is that the characterization and existing canon must be followed closely.

I play Minerva, [ profile] sior_gaisgiel, and I am tickled pink.

Or tartan.

*whistles innocently* Applications are being taken now. Play begins at the end of the month.

See some of you soon, see the rest of you intermittently until next week! I am off to Chicago!
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So you know what's better than the entire Ministry section of OotP?


If you have a chance to see it on IMAX, um, just go. Srsly. You will love.

Also, I am feeling exceedingly stupid. I created a journal week before last or so. It had a Gaelic motto for a word. I... didn't write down the word, nor did I enter the journal in my nifty Firefox log-in. Now I can't remember the word. I am still going through my search files, history, etc, but I am not having much luck. I AM SO SMART.

ETA: I found it. PHEW. Although it started with neither an A nor a G, and I was CERTAIN that it was one or the other. Ahahahaha.


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