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Happy birthday, [ profile] minorshan!!! I hope you had a great one.

In Iron Man news, [ profile] yahtzee63 had a great review which really pinpointed why I liked it so much. Go read!

I'm tired, I had a rare row with my mom on the phone last night, and it was a Monday-ish Monday. However, I got to see my chiropractor today after a long absence, and life is a little less painful and tense. So that's good.
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Clearly I was hit by the tired stick tonight. I am moving sloooowly and my head wishes for sleep.

It was a crazy busy day. But tomorrow should be easier AND tomorrow is Order of the Phoenix!!!! I have tickets, a cape with Hogwarts badge on, and I am ready to go. Volide inna suit, here I come!!!

This evening I acquired necessary dress up items for Millicon. This pleases me muchly. I was so very sad because some things I'd planned on wearing for LARP and for HP 7 release most definitely do not fit anymore. I think I have reached my limit for girth allowance. When I am back and recovered from next week, it's back to the gym in earnest for me!

Is it can be sleep tiem nao? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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Mmph. Still a little headachey. There is a massage in my near future. This is a very good thing. I'm feeling a wee bit antisocial, too, but I hope to snap out of it soon.

I just took the last W.O.M.B.A.T. test on the JKR official site. I've gotten Outstandings twice in a row. I look as forward to getting my results as Hermione.
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I was saddened by the loss of [ profile] pornish_pixies, mostly for the authors who wrote there. I've read many a fine smutty story featuring adults who were not related in any way to each other! I think it's ridiculous for a business to commit such knee-jerk reactions that go against their ToS, when you get right down to it. I think it's terribly pathetic when a small, vocal, wacko group can wreak havoc with their threats.

I am going to take some actions. I'll turn off my automatic bill payments. I'm changing my interests to only one - "freedom of speech", as suggested by a few folks I saw while catching up this evening. I joined [ profile] fandom_counts (and will be joining with each of my RP journals). However, I'm not going to leave LJ. It's been my online home since 2002, and I quite like it here. They made a big mistake. We'll take a stand, and I bet we'll be heard. They'll learn from this and make the rules and the ToS better.

I am also going to make myself possibly unpopular here, but this is a topic I feel strongly about. The sexualization of children in our culture is a real and scary thing. It makes me extremely uncomfortable to even hear about chan and other pedophilia-esque forms of fiction (including the incest ones), much less read it. It, I feel, doesn't belong in an easily accessed public forum (if anywhere at all, to tell you the truth). I know - believe me, I know - that what you read and write isn't what you do, and most of the folks who read stories like these are normal fandom folks, but I have absolutely no problem with having that kind of content purged from LJ.

Now if you're talking age of consent and older (or for heavens sake, at least 16! Please???), they can do what they like in fiction (though I feel strongly that extreme NC-17 fic should be kept under lock, just out of courtesy to those who shouldn't be exposed to it yet). But the line between "just for fun fiction" and depiction of adult acts with a child is one that I feel is dangerous to cross. It's not free speech, in my opinion, to weed it out, and I don't mind one bit that it's gone. If that extends to an RP character, well, sorry. Pretendy funtime games should be pretendy funtime games, and not include illegal acts against tweenage children or younger.

ETA Yes, I know that real literature contains situation when pedophilia is written about, and that fanfic about the topic can be therapeutic. This is when the Supreme Court definition of obscene comes in. Is it a prurient fic about Tom inna Diary screwing Ginny Weasley at age eleven, or is it an account of an incest survivor's experience? These are two totally different subjects. I am much more concerned about the former.

Now do I agree with the nutjobs behind the latest furor? Uh, hell no. But I have to wonder if the nutjobs voices get loud enough for the mainstream to hear because the mainstream doesn't speak loudly enough on this particular topic.

*steps off soap box*

Even with my strong feelings on the subject of pedophilia, I do recognize the creep of censorship. I don't feel that LJ was wise to make blanket deletions of journals based by interests alone, and I will stand up for my freedom of expression.
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I don't need this.

I really don't need this

But I kinda want them both.

I found out what my raise is going to be for my promotion, so I was all set to go on a shopping spree this weekend. I came up mostly empty handed, because the styles are waaaay too young, way too shoddy, way too ill-fitting due to my small and now overweight shape (Size 8, where did you go? Why?), or way too expensive. I ended up with two pairs of badly needed shoes (thank you Target) and a black skirt and brown sweater from Walmart. Sorry sweat shop workers. *grimaces*

I am also very grumpy that Foley's is now Macy's. I do not care for Macy's, after scouring the place for clothes I actually liked. I have been told to try Kohls so I shall do that next. Must. Spend. Money. Or, rather, must spend money on size small shirts that don't hang down past my palms.

I also am going to set up a Pay Pal account this week. Why I haven't done this before, I do not know. I am slow.

On a happier note, we have wee scarecrows in our flower beds! This makes me giggle.

Happy Birthday, [ profile] isiscolo!!!
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I watched some of the Lost Season 2 dvd's! And then I fell asleep during my viewing.

So tired. Today was not a great day. But I am making long range plans to do something about it. And I dragged myself to the gym even though I wanted to stay home and whine. Go me.

I now muster up real enthusiasm for this:

And even more for this:
Happy birthday [ profile] mecuriazs and [ profile] twintailmadb and [ profile] rhymester!!!

Now I go crawl into bed. Zzzzzzzzz....
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I've read everyone else's remembrances and thoughts, but I find mine on this day are a little different. It's not that I think there's anything wrong with writing what you need to in order to process your feelings, I just- I guess I just get angry about what happened, and then what didn't happen, five years ago.

A different feeling about the day )

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At my house, Steve Irwin was loved and appreciated. My husband, who is criticial of all things pop culture and who thinks most movies are stupid or annoying and refuses to watch them, loved the Crocodile Hunter movie. We watched all the shows, including the later Crocodile Hunter Diaries that focused more on the zoo and its workings. So I am sad Steve died. He was a good guy and did a lot for the environment and for Australian wildlife.

There have been semi-comparisons made between Steve and the naturalist who was eaten by the bear in Alaska. Steve, for all his goofiness, respected animals, knowing they could kill you with one sudden movement if you weren't careful.

I find it highly ironic that it wasn't a venomous snake or a powerful crocodile that killed him, but a sting ray (which I am sure will now be touted as much fiercer than the species is).

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I have a happy little clam icon, thanks to [ profile] gao!

Tonight, however, I am a tired little clam. I also realized I missed Life on Mars last night. Blarg.

Word to the wise: Don't ever volunteer to help a church event the year they decide to change things to make said event different from years past. If you think Internet wank is fun, wait till you've experienced grumpy elderly people wank directed at you! Ahahaha...

OH! I saw "Snakes on a Plane" Sunday. It was so bad that it was good. Seriously, Samuel L. was worth seeing, but I liked Julianna Marguiles, too. I kinda liked it way more than I thought I would. It was not a good movie, but it was a fun movie. I didn't feel sorry for the snakes when they were in copious numbers, but even Tom would have scolded them soundly for their behavior anyway.
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Ooh, [ profile] sit_good_dog tagged me, and I hardly ever get tagged!

How about your five current favorite movies?
1. Amadeus
2. Pirates of the Caribbean (just because it's so much fun)
3. The Dresser
4. Neverwhere (I am counting it as a movie, so there)
5. Star Wars

And I shall tag [ profile] silveraspen, [ profile] tigerlilyaj, [ profile] jmcgarry, [ profile] miraielle, and [ profile] indy_go.

On a slightly less la la la note, the situation in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast is actually starting to get to me, and I am one of those hardened weirdos for whom disasters don't usually effect. I've stopped watching coverage.

I think what is upsetting me most is how an entire city can go from lovely, cultured place to disaster zone filled with scary, Lord of the Flies-like people so quickly.
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Pardon my whining. But... I hate grad school, I'm tired, and I want to play but caaaaaaan't.

Wah. I was even in a foul mood last night that was not boosted by retail therapy (but, ooh, shiny! I have two cute pairs of pants and a darling pair of shoes). I'll get over it. I blame my hormones whether it's that or not :P I have in the past two nights gone to sleep at my old normal time, and surprise, surprise! I haven't slept that great either night. That's some irony for you.

I did however get a Neverwhere-universe plot bunny from watching a documentary on the Great London Fire. *facepalms*

Stupid class... we hates it, my precious.

Must... leave... computer... lab.... *clutches onto keyboard while Responsibility pulls me awaaaaaaaay*


May. 11th, 2003 10:15 pm
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I got absolutely nothing done today. No writing, no making of cd's like I planned. I was also not able to find good cape material - but I haven't checked the good fabric stores yet. Monday just comes way too fast.

I am also quite devastated that The Simpsons episode in which Lisa meets JKR isn't to show till next season. How cruel.

Oh, I did do one thing. I made my first Ebay purchase. A Hogwarts patch for my cape. And I called Mom and Aunt and Mom-in-law, so that counts for something.

Must work 15 minutes a day on writing. Must spell check my posts before sending. Must maintain sanity till I have some time off.
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No wait, I'm still here. Incredibly hectic 3 weeks coming to an end... Life going back to sort of normal. Hoping to stay busy with interviews - the one on Saturday went okay, but at this point I just don't know. I try to shine and be passionate and do my best, but who even knows.

So I need some help on the Buffy spoilers Read more... )

I have to go to bed now. I could use another day of sleeping and I have so much laundry to do that it literally is scaring me. I'll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.
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Once upon a time there has a young SCIENTIST named SEVERUS. He was JOYOUSLY WRINGING in the ORANGE forest when he met BRILLIANT TOM, a run-away PROFESSOR from the OBNOXIOUS Queen MINERVA.

SEVERUS could see that BRILLIANT TOM was hungry so he reached into his TUPPERWARE and give him his TOWERING QUICHE. BRILLIANT TOM was thankful for SEVERUS's QUICHE, so he told SEVERUS a very MAD story about Queen MINERVA's daughter HERMIONE. How her mother, the OBNOXIOUS Queen MINERVA, kept her locked away in a CASTLE protected by a gigantic KNEAZLE, because HERMIONE was so GLISTENING.

SEVERUS SWUM. He vowed to BRILLIANT TOM the PROFESSOR that he would save the GLISTENING HERMIONE. He would SMOOSH the KNEAZLE, and take HERMIONE far away from her eveil mother, the OBNOXIOUS Queen MINERVA, and FLING her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a VERDENT TIDAL WAVE and BRILLIANT TOM the PROFESSOR began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic KNEAZLE from his story. OBNOXIOUS Queen MINERVA SKATED out from behind a WAND and struck SEVERUS dead. In the far off CASTLE you could hear a BAM.


Make your own Fairy Tale at

This was pretty damn funny.

So I didn't post at all yesterday cos I was watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. P and I have watched religiously for about 10 years now. Love those doggies! Although if I could own a dog, I would either get a mix from the animal rescue or a Greyhound from Greyhound rescue. But it's still fun to see all of the breeds. Except the fucking poodles. I hate the poodles and they always win at least one category. LET THE HAIR GROW. LET THEM BE DOGS!

My car is in the shop. $275 this time, and the clutch is wearing out. The mechanic advised driving it till it goes out and maybe trading it. It's been an a wesome car but it's 11 years old and it passed 123,456 miles a few weeks ago. Sigh. But we do have some savings for a new car now, so that's good.

Well, must go watch Tuesday night shows on [ profile] silveraspen's new big ass tv. And I mean big. 50 inches of Spike and Lex. And man, does that sound bad actually written ;)


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