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Pics of the kitty

So Kitty's name was Spot (although it's Spots in her vet records). Her original name from the Boston animal shelter was Georgia. Guess what P. and W.R. like for a name? *waves weakly at [ profile] winding_path*

We have us a little Georgia kitty. She's already figured how to open the back sliding door. Heh. Pig is still Not Pleased, but they're staking out different parts of the house well.
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I have a new kitty. Her name is Spot, she's four, and she's hiding under the bed right now, the poor dear. And Lynette - guess what? She's from Boston!

I'll have pictures soon.

I also have a fic in mind. A non-Milliways crossover fic that is percolating in my mind so interestingly that I'm getting really excited to write it. Now I just have to figure out how. I can do little bits of typing at a time, and little bits of voice dictation at a time, but that is not enough time to get down what I want to write. Hmmm. I'll figure it out. It's rare I get excited over canon fic, especially since I haven't written much of it at all since RPG took over my writing world. (It's Narnia-Harry Potter, btw).

Two and a half weeks till a week of vacation. A whole week of being spoiled rotten at my Mom's for my birthday. I can not wait. I haven't had a whole week off in over a year, and I feel like a wilted plant trying to find the sun.

But I have kitties and stories and, ooh, cookies! Yum!
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Our other kitty, Sophie (Pig), is at the vet now. She stumbled into our bedroom this morning, crouched down and in distress. Blood work shows nothing. X-ray is next. The vet thinks either massive seizure or cancer. We might be putting her to sleep in a few hours.

This just isn't fair.

ETA: No word yet. Paul isn't handling this well. I mean, we just lost Jordan in October, how can we lose our Pig Pig?
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Happy Birthday. LillithJ!!!

And to Severus Snape, apparently! I knew he was a Capricorn. I knew it! I think I even set his birthday in January for my story "Regaining". Muahahhahahaha! Yay for fandom clairvoyance.

Yesterday was a productive day, speaking of fandom. I had a chance to watch some Firefly - that was such a good show. I'm glad I have the series on DVD. I'd forgotten how well acted and brilliantly written it was. I also had a chance to watch more of the extras on RotK.

I also started reading the Dark Tower books finally, and I'm already liking the first one a great deal. I've been told I can read one of them out of sequence - The Wizard and the Glass. That's the one I'm most interested in reading.

Finally, I saw "A Series of Unfortunate Events" last night and loved it. I thought it was well-done and captured the wry, dark feel of the books. It actually had a more positive message than I'd thought it would. The children were lovely to watch. The grown ups you just wanted to smack about (well, maybe not Uncle Montgomery) which might be why kids love the books so much. That's my theory, anyway.

My cat woke me up this morning yowling in my ear. Not just a quiet meow, or a purr, but a full on series of "MOOOOOROWR" - which translates, I think, to "Wake up and feed me, you lazy slut!" I did, eventually. She's persistent and very crabby today. She was sitting on P's lap and he sneezed. She hissed at him for disturbing her!

Since Jordan's been gone, she's also been getting into a lot more mischief. Like chewing a hole through the bag the bread comes in and nibbling at will. Silly thing. *cuddles grumpy, yowly kitty*
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Sigh... I had a long, heartfelt post that I just accidentally deleted. Can't write it again, as I cried plenty the first time.

Last news about my kitty )


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