Sep. 23rd, 2011 10:06 pm
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English Oak with phoenix feather core, 10 inches, supple - cool!

Apparently I am a Ravenclaw. Who'd a thunk? I was sure I'd be sorted into Hufflepuff.

Oh, yes, I got my Pottermore invite FINALLY today. I am NoxSkull154.
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So there was this last weekend:

At the Close: A Harry Potter Wars Comment Ficathon

I took my time this week to write and read. I don't think any of mine need warnings except maybe for violent imagery for the Voldemort and Bellatrix ones.

My contributions:
Minerva McGonagall/Tom Riddle - First Wizarding War and previously
i have searched for your springs
but people, they stagnate with time

Voldemort + Tom Riddle!Nagini
You're the closest I'll ever be to me

bellatrix/tom - first war
The cinders, they splinter
And light the path

Minerva McGonagall- Apocalypse Please by Muse

Other comment fics I really liked:
[profile] falseeeyelashes
the stigmata - bellatrix/rodolphus - azkaban

[personal profile] digi_dragon
Neville/Luna - post war - you musn't give your heart to a wild thing.

[personal profile] rumpledlinen
Neville - post HBP
And you know that, mother, I'd be lying
If I didn't tell you I'm afraid of dying

I really liked this Neville POV.

[personal profile] anythingbutgrey
Ginny Weasley, post-war, She has her own names for her children.
Um, this one makes a reeeeeally good point. Oh, Ginny.

[profile] eleusis_walks
boys who lived - neville/dean - second war - nc-17
This isn't a ship I've seen before, but in this context it REALLY works.

[profile] eleusis_walks
la maquis - beauxbatons - second war (pg-13)

[personal profile] rumpledlinen
No Regrets - Frank/Alice - The First War (PG-13)
i don't want to think back to the one thing that i know i should have done
Alice Longbottom is fierce.

[profile] and_backagain
I Feel It All - Dumbledore's Army - Second War
Warnings for violence/torture: Hogwarts during the time of siege (not very graphic, just disturbing)

[profile] quidditchkiss
In the Deepest Hollow of Our Minds; A System Failure Left Behind -- Remus/Sirius -- G
Remus quoting Shakespeare during sex... GUH. This one has no comments but mine. You should all read it and tell the author how amazing it is!
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I planned to see the new Harry Potter tomorrow afternoon. I still plan to see it then! But I couldn't wait until then, so I met [personal profile] adjudicated and her kiddos at the theater right after work.

Oh my god, you guys, SO MUCH SQUEE )
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You guys? You guys??? OH. MY. GOD.

I am drawing tiny hearts all over Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince )

So yes. Two enthusiastic, ecstatic thumbs up. I'm going to see it again. And probably again.

OH! I keep forgetting to post this, and in celebration, I have proof that Dark forces are at work in Colorado Springs. PROOF! )

This building has been vacant for a few years, and I know that it's a front, a fake building for Dark wizard gatherings!!! It is, however, not Unplottable, because I can find it juuuust fine.

Yes, I know I am just a little crazy.
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I've just watched a new trailer for Half-Blood Prince twice. I got shivers both times. Oh, it's nice when an old favorite can give you shivers. It looks like it's going to be very, very good.

I wish it were coming out in November instead of goofy Twilight.
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Not feeling so great. My ears are all woogly. We've had two big fronts move through, so I think that's the cause. My sinuses are going nuts. I went home early today, because my head was all swimmy and I was nauseous. I'm feeling less icky today, but my head still hurts.

Just when I think I am a hack writer and will never write anything good again, I get this incredible review from my one Good Omens story of which I am still very proud. I signed up for [ profile] hp_darkfest as a result. Whee? It's due around Halloween, so I have time, and I can write 1000 words of spooky darkness. I think. I seriously have been kind of treading water with writing and RPing. I'm going under more often than not, and while I have many ideas, I fail in the execution. But... these things happen. Especially when you're tired and your ears are woogly.

Speaking of fic and reviews, I really enjoyed a Narnia series, In Constellated Wars by [ profile] bedlamsbard. It's movieverse, genfic, and looks at one night through the POV of each of the Pevensies and Caspian. While I don't necessarily agree with all of her interpretations of the characters, she has built in a rich Golden Ages background for the Pevensies, and it's pretty amazing.

Oh, and also? Go see Mamma Mia. Go with girlfriends or female family, preferably. You will be glad you did. *loves on that movie*
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As seen in [ profile] adiva_calandia and [ profile] misslucyjane's journal: The Harry Potter Mary Sue meme.

Go to, enter your first name into the search engine, and see what you're up to.

I had to use Vivian, instead of Vivien, but I got some fuuuuunny Mary Sues nonetheless.

imagine that Voldemort wasnt the only wizard of his imagine that he has two sisters. Vivian and Victoria riddle arent quite what you would call your normal teenagers, with the dark lord as their older brother they are bound to have problems.

Yeah. How Tom Sr. managed to sire more wizarding children without Merope in the mix is my problem. Oh, Vivian also has burgundy eyes.

Bellatrix is alive after 19 years, and comes back as PureBlood Vivian Montgomery of Maine. She goes across the sea to Hogwarts, where she is the new D.A.D.A. teacher, the same time that Harry, Ron, and Hermiones' children go to school.

Maine? What?

Maureen, the perky-yet unluky-one. Vivian, the vivacious flirt. And Anna, the sensible one. Yet somehow, they all seem to get along. Now all at Hogwarts, they learn a few more lessons in life. But what if one of those lessons was in love? Please R/R!

It's so hard to be the unluky one.

Vivian Dark is the granddaughter of the Dark Lord and is the new 'Dark Princess'. But she is really not wanting to. Her mother must figure out who her father is so that Viv can be happy. Just to let you now there is NOTHING between Ron and Crabbe.

Um. Yay?

Okay, that's all I can handle. Ow. My brain. I am amused how many Vivian's are related to the Dark Lord. HA!
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Check out this lovely, poignant HP genfic by [ profile] lady_altair called Cauterize. It's post DH, an it's quite good.

My kitty was much better today. Phew.

I am getting serious nostalgia. It is a nice thing.

I also have a Tom Riddle action figure. He is pretty. He also glows in the dark. Why? Why not!
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You know, just the other day in the back room, we were posting about our RP characters' hypothetical action figures, and I bemoaned the fact there was no Tom Riddle action figure.

I was wrong..

I don't need to buy this. I'm going to anyway.

*bounces like a bouncy thing*
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I'm not sure of the source, but a teacher friend sent me this. It's pretty damn cool.

Harry Potter Works Magic at School )

Pity we couldn't do that in the States; there would be parents protesting the occult. Still, that's SO cool.

Oh, hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. X aka [ profile] babezilla1! I hope you had some yummy treats and a good time with Mom and Dad and lil' brother!
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Just some quick HP squee-age, and then I go bed early. *snore*

There was a chat with JKR on in which fans wrote in questions and she answered. AND HOW did she answer. Transcript here, and yes, lots of DH Spoilers. Probably many in the comments, too? Write what you liked, didn't like and all that good stuff - I am curious as to what you think of these details.

Also, here is a lovely series of scenes by [ profile] seviet from a DH scene with Ron and Hermione.
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Sigh. I am never going to get around to writing about HP:DH. No, I will one day, but I am still kind of processing as I read through a second time.

So instead, I give you links! All of which are chock full of spoilers, o' course.

First of all, check out Muggle Studies: A Harry Potter Fic Challenge. We're delving into history, sociology, linguistics, you name it. Come and play!

Secondly, three epilogues of beauty:
Platform 9.99999999999999999999... by [ profile] trickofthedark

Nineteen Years and One Day by [ profile] bethbethbeth

Untitled by [ profile] maeglinyedi. She also has some great Snape meta here.

Thirdly, my two favorite quotes from DH, from which I will likely frame my response once I write it. Cut to protect the unspoiled )

So yes. 'Tis a happy HP summer for me.
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No HP-DH spoilers, but some funny Voldemort hijinks will ensue!

See, I went to Borders the first morning in Chicago, intent upon finding the most direct route and picking up a Voldemort lunch box, as I had heard they had such things. However, I ended up with something better! A Voldemort action figure that looks really, really cool!

I opened it once I got back to the conference room, and we all admired it. Sophie named it "Interpretive Dance Voldemort". Then we examined it a little more closely, especially the robe in back which flares up and out. We were... shocked into laughter upon what we didn't find.

Thus, these Viv-Voldie Macros from Millicon were born. )

...Or Voldemort has no pants (Voldemort needs no pants!>

I did make a mistake and leave Voldie in the room as I scarpered off for food or something. I returned to this:

I believe Jack's voice balloon reads "Nooo, the Dark Lord be stealin' my hat!" and Voldie's says "Noooo, the pirate be stealin' my pants." My friends are talented and silly.

Our Voldie does look quite fetching in a hat, though. )

ETA: Shortly after posting this, and giggling in chat about it, Voldie flung himself from the shelf in a fit of pique. He lost his wand this time, and I scolded him that that business is what keeps getting him into trouble! So now he has no pants and no wand.

Until my husband steps on it and finds it with a grimace.

I think Voldie is jealous.
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Oh hey, btw, I am in Chicago. Um, I leave today (NOOOO!!!) but I am here. This is a gorgeous city, and the hotel is right smack in the middle of it.

I have had a fantabulous time at Millicon. This year's was so much better than last year (and I can say that having helped plan last years, but not this year's. :-P ). It was just... so much fun.

I did indeed finish Deathly Hallows yesterday. No spoilers, but it was one rough ride at times. Wow. I did like it very much, though, and I am pleased about how the end has come to pass.

Warning: Look at comments at your own risk, just in case there are spoilers.

However, this does not have any spoilers, and it is hella funny.

Mmm. HP, fandom geekery, costumes, Chicago, GOOD FRIENDS... it's been a brilliant weekend.
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Whee! I've rummaged about, kicked computers, and managed to get ready for my trip tomorrow.

Aaaaand I am also a member of [ profile] vox_lacuna, my very first all HP game. It is, as described in the user info, the Voice of the Missing Text. Here we will be writing/playing out the stories that didn't get put into Rowling's books. Posts will take a variety of forms (letters, diary entries, pensieves, hospital reports, etc). Each player will take on a character mentioned in canon and flesh out their story. There are no generational restrictions. We might see Ginny's diary entries, Lucius' orders at Borgin and Burke's, Minerva's letters to Dumbledore. The only restriction is that the characterization and existing canon must be followed closely.

I play Minerva, [ profile] sior_gaisgiel, and I am tickled pink.

Or tartan.

*whistles innocently* Applications are being taken now. Play begins at the end of the month.

See some of you soon, see the rest of you intermittently until next week! I am off to Chicago!
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On one hand, I'd like to bonk the Spoiler Meanie on the head for spoiling so flagrantly in a most tacky way. On the other, I am fighting the intense temptation to not suck down the files as quickly as they hit my computer.

However, I am too busy running about like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get squared away for my flight Wed. night while technology thwarts me at every turn (four computers in this house - could ONE just bloody well work correctly? Hmmm?)and I outgrow my clothing, literally, overnight (DAMN YOUR SINISTER ATTRACTION, ICE CREAM).

SO instead, I give you two NON-SPOILERIFIC drabbles!

Good Omens/HP Book 7 Crossover written by [ profile] vulgarweed

Tom/Minerva in 100 words by yours truly, written for the prompt "elf-made wine" in the [ profile] romancingwizard writing comm.

ETA: I just got my reminder from Borders about my book (and instructions for wristbands).

It awaits me, precious. I can feeeeeel it out there. We waaaants it! But not in scanned form. :-P
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So you know what's better than the entire Ministry section of OotP?


If you have a chance to see it on IMAX, um, just go. Srsly. You will love.

Also, I am feeling exceedingly stupid. I created a journal week before last or so. It had a Gaelic motto for a word. I... didn't write down the word, nor did I enter the journal in my nifty Firefox log-in. Now I can't remember the word. I am still going through my search files, history, etc, but I am not having much luck. I AM SO SMART.

ETA: I found it. PHEW. Although it started with neither an A nor a G, and I was CERTAIN that it was one or the other. Ahahahaha.
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I am floating in a cocoon of happy fandom happenings for the next two weeks or so.

Not only do I have a fine Harry Potter movie to enjoy, but I also have the very last book to devour soon. Smack in the middle of it all is Millicon, which is a gathering of like-minded fandom folks(not all HP, of course) for four glorious days of geeking out.

I might explode with glee.

See, it might be odd to some that I will use a good chunk of socialization/geeking out time for reading a book. Now that we've found out that the Borders we're going to is not doing a line, I am most relieved to not have to stand in one an over-long time. This gives me a little more time for RP-centric (and again, not HP-related, necessarily) activities beforehand.

But I will be reading that book as soon as it is in my hands. I've waited seven years (not having begun the series till 2000), written upwards of 150,000 words of HP fanfic, goodness knows how many words of HP-related RP at Milliways, and I am invested. A lot. A whoooole lot.

The end of the series just means a lot to me on very many levels. This will probably be the last time I rush to a bookstore at midnight to pick up an anticipated book. It's the end of an era. I am going to relish the moments, as well as enjoy the copious, non-HP related events associated with the Con. Because I can do both. The whole schedule has been planned very well to enable this (Thanks Aspen, Feather, and Deb!)

So yay! Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Also, I am seriously, seriously considering [ profile] vox_lacuna. No Minerva is listed yet. I may have made a journal for her already. Heh.


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