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Happy Halloween!!!!

It's been a good one here. We have waaaaaaaay more candy leftover than I'd have liked... oh my goodness. Every year J goes nuts with the candy.

I'll have more pictures of our AMAZING yard later, but for the last day of the costume countdown, Professor Trelawney and Headmistress McGonagall are under the cut. )

Thanks for all those who enjoyed the countdown this year. I really had a good time. I thought I might run out of ideas and pictures to post, but that was definitely not the case. Until next year!
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Here we are! The night before Halloween!

I had a bit of costume drama today. I had been floundering as to what to dress as tomorrow night. Jen is McGonagall, since she rocks the McGonagall look. I'd thought I wanted to be Bellatrix Black, but as time got closer, I was like "Nope. Don't feel Bellatrix-y." So I thought I might end up as a generic Hogwarts professor.

Then I decided I'd be Trelawney. At 4:00 p.m. today. Thrift store visit brought the perfect vintage 1970's dress, and a wig was likewise obtained. Tomorrow I'll venture out for biiiig glasses.

I took tomorrow off as part of my little fall break, and of course, I have a million things to do. Carve pumpkins, fix up the Grey Lady mannequin, get Knockturn Alley set up outside... Plus a few errands that must be done. Nothing too strenuous, but yeesh. Busy, busy, busy.

Pictures tomorrow!
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I'm late tonight because I went out into the Halloween wilds tonight to attend the Denver Witches' Ball. At first, it was not so much fun. I was hoping to meet three people there - two friends and one work acquaintance. Sadly, they couldn't come at the last minute, so I had a bit of an awkward start to the evening. In fact, I almost went home early, but I stuck it out, met some people to hang out and dance with when the live music started, and saw some great costumes. I was in my "stylish witch" get up, so I blended in pretty well. I snapped a few pics on my phone by the end of the night.

Fresh Halloween Costumes )
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I can't believe the month is almost over. I can't believe I've managed to post every day. GO ME!!!

Another quick one tonight. This is a random Halloween pic I found via Google from the late 60's/early 70's:

They look like a pretty groovy group!
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I am officially on a teensy fall break. I have the next five days off - WOOOOO. I'll be in transit for some of it on an overnight trip, but I thought I'd celebrate the sweet freedom of my unfettered access to the Internet by doing this for my costume countdown:

Post in with "trick or treat!" and I'll "dress" you in an amazing costume inspired by your awesome self.
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I could always count on Roseanne having a kickass Halloween episode every year. The above picture is one of my favorite costumes they ever did (and they did lots of great costumes).

Check out The Atlantic's round up of 12 Weirdest, Funniest, Most Creative Halloween Costumes Worn by TV Characters.
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We have to start our geek offspring out early, like the little Dr. Who girl from earlier in the countdown.

Adorable Child Halloween Costumes of a Fannish Nature )
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True story - early on in our wedding planning, I was sure Mr. Viv and I would have a Halloween wedding in the church-turned-children's-theater where we met. We were engaged about four years, so there was some time for planning. I wanted to have a Celtic theme with everyone dressed in period Dark Ages garb. I drew costume sketches, did research, and then decided that, wow, that was going to be a lot of work. And when we looked at when we actually wanted to get hitched, the dates weren't workable. We got married on St. Patrick's Day of our last year of college, since it was during spring break instead.

But I still love the idea of Halloween weddings.

So do several couples at Offbeat Bride, which is a site I kinda secretly love to read, since even though my wedding wasn't a Halloween extravaganza, it was still pretty offbeat.

Halloween wedding porn under the cut )
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From the Los Angeles Daily News: "Children in Halloween costumes in Anaheim, Calif., 1948"

1948, a very different time...
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This is one of my favorite group Halloween costumes from 2002.

Mr. Viv is Shaggy, of course, J is Daphne, and I am Velma. We went... somewhere. I can't remember where. But we definitely made an event of it.
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For the people who can actually sew, and not those of us who rely on the glue gun, patterns exist. Did any of you go to craft and sewing stores and hang out by the big Simplicity and Butterick pattern books while your parental unit wandered about shopping? I loved going through pattern books.

1952 Simplicity bunny, leopard and penguin costume pattern

1953 Butterick rabbit, leopard, lion, spaceman and panda costume pattern.

1963 McCall's bunny, cat and spaceman costume pattern.

Check out the versions of spacemen; they are pretty groovy.
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We have pumpkins in our yard. We also have two baby squirrels in our yard. Now we have baby squirrels who loooooooooooove pumpkins. )
I'd be annoyed, but they are SO CUTE!!!

These 1920s costumes are... not so cute. I think I've seen them done on Project Runway.
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This is Mr. Viv, Anime Girl, and me. I think it was 1997 or so, but I don't quite remember. We went to the Natural History museum for an event. Mr. Viv and I were ~spirits of the forest~ and Anime Girl was... a gypsy?

She's at her college composition night class right now.

Where does the time go?
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If you look through costumes at a store or online, it can be depressing. The same super heroes, the same fluffy-sparkle-princess-witch outfits, blah, blah, boring, blah all organized by strict gender divisions.

Thankfully, there is a lot of creativity happening at Halloween.

All images from )
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Gender divisions in Halloween costumes piss me off. Seriously, Party City? All the dinosaur costumes are for boys? Seriously?

At least there are more choices for girls nowadays. Anime Girl and her best friend now have Batman and Robin outfits to wear for Halloween (made for girls... I think from Hot Topic).

And at least we aren't stuck with being nurses anymore.

Or ballerinas, brides, and beauty queens...

Sigh... (although at least there was a police woman and Bionic woman costume in this one!)

But as long as there has been Halloween, there have been imaginative parents and kids who've broke the boring barriers of commercial Halloween.
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[personal profile] misslucyjane had a link to this Halloween adorableness the other day, and I had to repost it because OMG ADORABLE.

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By the 1940's, witches were sexaaaay or the Wicked Witch of the West (who premiered in 1939).
This site has a nice progression of witches, including some you saw yesterday:

I think it's interesting that the country woman with the long dress, pointed and buckled shoes, and conical hat from the late 1600s froze as a pop culture image for the witch.


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