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Zombie 1 by Pophipi

Speaking of zombies, I am almost done with Mira Grant's Feed, so I went to the library to pick up the second one. I found a similar novel called Autumn: The City by David Moody, which I started on the light rail home. It's a British version of zombie apocalypse.

Bleak and scary apocalyptic stories cheer me up; at least things aren't as bad in my life as zombies!
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From here:
Perhaps the most famous of all ghost photos, this highly controversial shot was taken in1936 by photographers sent by the London magazine Country Living to take some interior shots of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. What’s also interesting about this shot is that in contrast to most photos in which the figure is not seen until after the film is developed, the spectral figure of a woman descending the stairway was seen seconds before the gshutter was snapped. The negatives on this photo have been scrutinized by literally hundreds of experts (and no small number of skeptics) who can find no evidence of it being either a hoax or a double exposure. Still considered by many to be the best “capture” ever taken.
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Clowns - Terrifying throughout the Ages!

Source: Nostalgic Halloween
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It's that time of year again... only this year, while I am doing a countdown to Halloween, it's going to be shorter than my usual month long ones.

I will probably post spoooooooky pictures from my Halloween Tumblr to get me into the "spirit" (ha ha) but the actual countdown begins on the 16th!
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I don't know why I like this vintage Halloween image as much as I do. I think it's the giant owl that draws me in. Although I like that orange gown. The witch is rocking that look.

I plan on sleeping for many, many hours and waking up refreshed and ready for Halloween. The snow almost melted enough for the graveyard lights to be seen. *wry*

But before I crash, we watch Sweeney Todd. Yay throat slashing and Goth fashion!
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Haunted houses are something I don't go to every year. When I do go, I enjoy the shocks and scares.

The best haunted house I've gone to in Denver is Frightmare, which is situated on the grounds and outbuildings of an old farm. Part of the reason it's delightfully scary is the fact that much of it is outside under the big black sky. BRRR! You feel much more exposed, let me tell you, and the scares are even scarier.

The best one of my teenage years was held by a church group, which I thought odd, but hey - they did a bang up job. It was in a shabby, nondescript house, and it was less monster and gore, and more psychological freak out. What I remember most was this creepy section of tunnels made from cardboard refrigerator boxes. You could hear sounds and thumps, but you couldn't really see what was happening. My friends and I squealed!!!

The scariest haunted house ever was the one held in the abandoned house behind the house we lived in when I was eight. I was scared and fascinated by the house anyway. You could see shredded furniture on the porch, detritus in the yard, tattered curtains in the window - but it was forbidden like a forbidden thing. So I could only peer over while I played in the yard. When the haunted house moved in, there were flashing lights, screams, sound effect noises, and the like until way past my bedroom, and of course my bedroom faced the back yard. That was one heck of a scary Halloween season, let me tell you.

Maybe next year I'll make it to Frightmare again. It's been a while since I had a good spooky scare.
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I picked up season 5 of The X-Files at the library the other day, and I zipped through Detour, All Souls, and Folie A Deux. I love those Monster of the Week episodes. I honestly can't say that I enjoy the mytharc episodes at all anymore, except for maybe the first few seasons worth. But the MotW eps? Oh yeah. The Mulder/Scully dynamic makes me smile. I am very happy that enough time has gone by that I can actually fall in love with my favorite eps again.

One thing about All Souls - the Scully-centric one in which she tries to save the girls who are Nephilim - I noticed this time. It was so much deeper and richer than I remembered it. It gave me shivers; it's a creepy, beautiful episode. Sigh.

Quickly on tonight's Castle )
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I was thinking that we were missing some decorations. And sure enough! J. found a whole trunk of exquisite hanging haunts. She is in the kitchen now, assembling a coffin. Graverobber should get his next layer added tomorrow.

There will be more pictures soon.

I saw a great craft idea to make your own glitter shoes. I think this would be something to keep. You never know when you might need glitter shoes!

I kind of wish I have Halloween party plans, but I am so tired this weekend that it's really okay. I think we'll have a Halloween party spread for Anime Girl on the day itself. I want some Graveyard Dirt, by golly.
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We are in single digits now! Woo hoo!

Whenever you talk about scary things, Stephen King inevitably comes up. He does write some frightening prose, after all!

I think of all his books, the only one that gives me chills (yes, I am a freak - none of his books really scare me) is Pet Sematary. The scene in which Louis Creed is taken to the real burial ground? Eeeeheee, yeah, even I can't read that too easily at night.

So let's do a poll, since I know I have fellow King fans out there! Keep in mind that this is not your favorite King work, necessarily. Choose the one that gives you the most shivers.

[Poll #1475115]
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One of my favorite craft projects for Halloween is cheesecloth ghosts. They are ridiculously easy to make, and cheesecloth is not crazy expensive. What you do is get a package or two of cheesecloth. If you want to make small ghosts, you can cut each cloth in half, but I usually go for a big ghost. Then you water down some plain old school glue and prepare to drench the cheesecloth.

The trickiest part is making the form to drape the sopping wet cheesecloth over. I usually use a balloon perched atop something tall that you don't mind getting wet with glue. I put the form in the bathtub and start draping the cheesecloth over it, making sure it puddles in interesting folds on the bottom of the tub. This will give your ghost a floaty appearance. You want to have a few layers of cloth over the balloon - at least three.

Let the cheesecloth dry over night, and then pry the cheesecloth carefully from the floor of the tub and the form. Black paper or felt eyes and mouth glued on are optional. Hang with fishing line, and you have...

GHOSTS!!!! )

Here is another variation, using sugar water instead of glue. They are so cute. Maybe I'll make a few more.
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Aside from candied apples, caramel apples, pumpkin seeds, and the like, there aren't a lot of foods associated with Halloween. Aside for candy, of course. Mmmm candy.

I enjoy the goofy Halloween party foods like chicken fingers with olives on the tips (Witches Fingers - oooooooooooooo spooky) and bizarre sweet combinations that put a lot of stuff together under a quirky name to fit the theme. It makes me laugh, what can I say.

One of my favorite Halloween dishes is Graveyard Dirt. It is super easy and super delicious.

Graveyard Dirt )
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One of my favorite books to read around Halloween is Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. I haven't read it in a few years; I seem to have misplaced my copy. This needs to be remedied, because this is a classic horror tale about a small town, the evil carnival that sets up shop around Halloween, and the two young boys who save the day. It was originally published in 1962, and it is no surprise at all that Stephen King has mentioned it as an influence.

Here is the first paragraph of the book:
The seller of lightning rods arrived just ahead of the storm. He came along the street of Green Town, Illinois, in the late cloudy October day, sneaking glances over his shoulder. Somewhere not so far back, vast lightnings stomped the earth. Somewhere, a storm like a great beast with terrible teeth could not be denied.

You can find the rest of chapter 1 at Ray Bradbury's book site. It's a short, shivery read, and I am getting me a new copy posthaste.
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Near Dark is a movie that's best described as an American vampire/Western horror film. It was released in 1987, and it is set - miraculously - near my home town in Oklahoma.

That kind of thing never happens.

It's been a memorable movie for me, even though I haven't seen it in a bit. I need to take care of that, actually, but I highly recommend checking it out. These vampires are ruthless drifters, and the mundane and rather grungy western setting makes for a nice twist to the usual mythos. Lance Henrikson plays the vampire leader - his performance alone is worth a viewing. Oh... and Adrian Pasdar is the young lead. HOW FUNNY. I had no idea.

Have a Rotten Tomatoes Review (it gets a 93%) and fansite with more info on the concept.
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This is not terrifying, per se, but I just watched it and now I'm a little scared.

What? I mean, seriously, what the hell? I don't know who the singer is or what the hell is going on, but hey, at least it's catchy!

If I was fourteen, this would be my FAVORITE VIDEO EVER OMG
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That is what Pig says about Mondays. *moves cat from keyboard*

Okay, back on topic!

I didn't go trick-or-treating as much as a kid because I went to carnivals instead! Back in the olden days, they were full scale Halloween carnivals at schools and churches. I guess it wasn't considered Satanic back then. Or something. *wry*

One of the very best haunted houses I went to as a kid was at the Methodist church's Halloween carnival. My second grade carnival was at my school, and there was the classic "stick your hand into the eyeballs" room with all the creepy icky things to touch. I loved that even as I squealed. I remember doing the whole bobbing for apples thing at these carnivals (and yeah, ew, icky germs). And the cake walk - oh, the cake walk, in which I never won a damn cake. Those drove me insane. I had a lot of fun at these carnivals. Watching the other kids' costumes, playing the games, winning little trinkets, eating those germy apples from the apple bobbing... GOOD TIMES.

By the time I was in college in the early 90's, there was a strong backlash against all things Halloween, at least in my part of the country. That bummed me out like crazy, although I ended up in private preschools where Halloween was a big deal. I was lucky enough to teach two years in a school where they had the traditional Halloween parade and party. That was done away with a couple of years after I left since there was a lot of grumbling about the Halloween aspects as well the "waste" of instructional time on something frivolous like that.

I think it's fortunate that there are a lot of neat carnival-type things for kids to go to these days, from Boo at the Zoo to museum events to more traditional carnivals. Of all the holidays, Halloween is the one, for me, that is most for kids. We adults just get to borrow the joy for a night.


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