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Friends from Oklahoma came to visit this weekend. The reason they came up was for the Eddie Izzard show last night. OMG. I laughed so hard. He was even better than the last time I saw him, and on a sharp, Carlin-esque roll. With Latin in action! And giant squids! And smart history (Charles Darwin wrote the book "Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys, You!") and fabulous pantomime and a Wikipedia routine that was so true it was painfully funny. I will definitely be buying a DVD of this tour if it comes out.

I got a "Covered in Bees" t-shirt that I am very eager to wear. Oh man... I love Eddie Izzard. He totally plugged "The Riches", too, which I didn't mind at all since he mentioned they were on, and I have gotten behind in watching! So yay.

ETA: I wrote this earlier in the day, but I just got a call from my friend, B, on her way back to OK. Beth is a HUGE Eddie fan, and has been for years now. She was championing him before most folks had heard of him. After the concert, there was a huge line for shirts, pictures, etc. in the lobby. I'd scurried out right after to get my shirts and go, since it was late, and I have to get up crazy early for work. B and her husband and our two other friends who had made the road trip were still in line, and about 10 minutes after I bid them farewell, Eddie comes down to the lobby for Q&A! B was too shy (and starstruck) to ask any questions, but my other friends did, and it made her night.

That would have made her trip right there, and how cool, right?

BUT WAIT - THERE'S MORE! B and her husband are cigar aficionados, and B loves old places with stately charm and lots of wood paneling. Last time they came to Denver to see Eddie with me, they went to the Brown Palace Hotel, an historic, still very swanky hotel near the Paramount Theater where Eddie played. B and T decided to go again, but they skipped the Ship's Tavern in favor of the Churchill Lounge, which turned out to be a cigar bar, so they were very happy. So there they are, comfortable on a leather couch, drinking good drinks, and having a cigar, when B sees someone from the lobby. It was a person who'd come and whispered in Eddie's ear as a kind of wrap-up for the lobby q&a. B turns to T and says, "Hey, it's the guy from the lobby!" T replies, "I know. Look who just sat down in front of us."

At the table in front of their couch area was Eddie and his tech crew! They could only see the back of his head, but he was that close. They told their waitress they wanted to buy him a drink, and when she let him know, he turned around and said "Thanks!" B just beamed, gobsmacked, but her husband said "That was a great show." He thanked them again, and they, not being goofy fans, let it go at that. But when he got up to leave, he turned to them again and nodded his thanks.

B is on cloud nine. They're framing their receipt for their home bar and Bombay Sapphire and Tonics will be the new drink of the house. HOW COOL IS THAT???
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I have a Lynette in my house! She is asleep, as she had a long trip, but she is here and it is snowing and I don't have to go anywhere in it!

I have Broncos cupcakes. Viv+Lynette=IMPULSE BUYS!

Happy Birthday, [ profile] oneechan19!!!!!

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I am Goth!Mom, hear me roar!

The Bauhaus show was awesome, and having our goddaughter here was even more so. She's become a really cool person. And OMG she was so excited in a very laconic way.

I totally felt like Goth!Mom though. Luckily, there were many Goth!Moms at the show (Julie, I loooooked for you!!!) and I dressed up moderately which was much fun. And this morning? I totally made a well-balanced breakfast for her. It was fun.

Sara spent all day today watching Blackadder. Lots and lot of it. All the while she was uploading most of our Cure and Bauhaus/Peter Murphy collection onto her iPod. So cute.

I would love to have one more day of weekend, however.


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