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I have fics to recommend! Thank you, [ profile] halfamoon, I've been getting a lot out of your entries lately.

Like a White-Winged Dove by [ profile] nwhepcatm SPN/BtVS, Faith and Castiel, with a side of Dean
Faith is beautifully IC in this, and Castiel made me giggle. Oh, Castiel.

Homing by [ profile] sophiap, SPN, Ellen POV
Summary: Ellen's story is no more and no less tragic than any other hunter's.
Guys, go read this. It was written for [ profile] spn_summergen last year, but if you missed it, go now. It is worth the time. It is, as far as I'm concerned, canon.

Claustrophilia by [ profile] musesfool, Leverage/Supernatural; Parker (Sam and Dean) with a surprise!third crossover which will make some of you grin.
I love Parker. She is awesome. I'd love more of this story, actually.
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Not feeling so great. My ears are all woogly. We've had two big fronts move through, so I think that's the cause. My sinuses are going nuts. I went home early today, because my head was all swimmy and I was nauseous. I'm feeling less icky today, but my head still hurts.

Just when I think I am a hack writer and will never write anything good again, I get this incredible review from my one Good Omens story of which I am still very proud. I signed up for [ profile] hp_darkfest as a result. Whee? It's due around Halloween, so I have time, and I can write 1000 words of spooky darkness. I think. I seriously have been kind of treading water with writing and RPing. I'm going under more often than not, and while I have many ideas, I fail in the execution. But... these things happen. Especially when you're tired and your ears are woogly.

Speaking of fic and reviews, I really enjoyed a Narnia series, In Constellated Wars by [ profile] bedlamsbard. It's movieverse, genfic, and looks at one night through the POV of each of the Pevensies and Caspian. While I don't necessarily agree with all of her interpretations of the characters, she has built in a rich Golden Ages background for the Pevensies, and it's pretty amazing.

Oh, and also? Go see Mamma Mia. Go with girlfriends or female family, preferably. You will be glad you did. *loves on that movie*
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Riddlefic rec: Un by [ profile] spessartine. It's R and features a gloriously realized Walpurga Black.

In other geeky HP news, I got an Outstanding on the latest W.O.M.B.A.T. exam on JKR's site. I'd like to actually know the answers, as it is all made up stuff, not trivia. I mean, I am extrapolating like crazy based on fanfic when I take them. I hope everyone doesn't get an Outstanding. *grumbles*

Ah HP geekery, how I love thee...

I need to write more drabbles. You know, when I have all that free time.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] tigerlilyaj!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Here is the latest R-rated (yet very well-written) Riddlefic in which Minerva is strong and IC. In White by [ profile] kethlenda

"Life on Mars" continues to be quite good.

Speaking of travelling in time, MTV is 25 years old today. Which means almost 25 years ago, I turned it to that channel and watched "Heart of Glass" by Blondie and said "OMG THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER"!!! Then I pretty much didn't stop watching till they stopped playing videos. VH1 Classic is playing that entire first day, you see. Complete with Vee Jays.

I have obviously gone through a time warp. It can't really have been that long.

*cries hysterically*

*just kidding*

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I love Yuletide Treasures. There are some fine stories this year. Here are my favorites so far.

Yuletide Recs:

Too Young, Too Old/Narnia - this is one captured the dilemma of the Pevensies having to go back to children's bodies with all the knowledge and experience of their adulthoods in Narnia. It's an Edmund-based story, with wonderful characterization.

Trousers/Blackadder. Snarky fun. Excellent characterization.

In Among These Woods/Arthurian - a chilling insight into young Mordred.

And Indeed There Will Be Time/Narnia - Lucy-centric in Aslan's Country. This last made me cry:

And as they reach the door, Susan walks through, and Lucy runs ahead of everyone else, and Susan is running now too - black hair touched with silver falling out of its band and whipping against her face in her rush - until they're hugging so tightly Lucy can barely breathe.

"I knew you'd come eventually," Lucy smiles, through tears that have inexplicably appeared in her eyes, though why she should cry when she's so happy, she doesn't know.

"I remembered," is all Susan says, but that's enough.

The Priest That Tastes the World/Dogma: God/Metatron. It's sweet. And it works.

Loved I Not Honor/Gone with the Wind - a "missing scene" between Melanie Wilkes and Rhett Butler. Nicely done and very much in character.

On Black Holes, Miracles, Singularities, and Nothingness/Madeleine L'Engle novels - This is grown-up Charles Wallace-centric, and it is beautiful. (Charles Wallace helps Meg through the premature birth of his namesake.)

"As he sat on the plane trying to fall asleep, for he hadn't slept since he left New York, he thought about miracles. The new Charles Wallace was a miracle. And miracles, however small, were happening all over the world. He looked out the window at the stars, and pushed away thoughts of black holes, and instead thought of a new star being born, the burst of energy, the fire and flame, the heat radiating, the light speeding toward him. He imagined a star being born right that instant, and he quietly whispered hello."

And of course, Time and Again, my lovely "Door-missing-Ingress" story.

Sigh... I love good fic.
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Go. Go right now and read this heratbreakingly beautiful Neverwhere story, Time and Again It was written for me for [ profile] yuletide and, oh, it is lovely.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all those who celebrate it.

I am full of such goodwill toward all about now. Amazing what one fine gift can do for one's mood.

ETA: And my recipient loved the story I wrote for her! Which I am muchly relieved about, though I think the final version with [ profile] miraielle and [ profile] genarti's input came out okay. *beams about*
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Two recs of incredible goodness:

Narnia (Rillian/Green Lady) - Mandolin Purr by [ profile] voleuse

A series of Dark Tower drabbles for Fanfic 100 by [ profile] zara_hemla. Life by the Drop gave me shivers - Milliwaysers, go check these out. Zara has been a DT writer for a long time - she knows these stories.
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This Riddlefic, For the Procreation of Children by [ profile] nineveh_uk (recced by [ profile] mctabby and focusing on the elder Riddle) made me gleeful. Not that it's happy or anything. It's just very very very cool, and focuses on Tom's parents.

You know, I really liked this story, but I still think it's a cop-out for his mother to be EVIL and HORRID. I hope JKR doesn't go that route. I will predict that she probably will. Blast.

Oh, and [ profile] potterpuffs rocks my world. OMG so cute.


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