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Not feeling so great. My ears are all woogly. We've had two big fronts move through, so I think that's the cause. My sinuses are going nuts. I went home early today, because my head was all swimmy and I was nauseous. I'm feeling less icky today, but my head still hurts.

Just when I think I am a hack writer and will never write anything good again, I get this incredible review from my one Good Omens story of which I am still very proud. I signed up for [ profile] hp_darkfest as a result. Whee? It's due around Halloween, so I have time, and I can write 1000 words of spooky darkness. I think. I seriously have been kind of treading water with writing and RPing. I'm going under more often than not, and while I have many ideas, I fail in the execution. But... these things happen. Especially when you're tired and your ears are woogly.

Speaking of fic and reviews, I really enjoyed a Narnia series, In Constellated Wars by [ profile] bedlamsbard. It's movieverse, genfic, and looks at one night through the POV of each of the Pevensies and Caspian. While I don't necessarily agree with all of her interpretations of the characters, she has built in a rich Golden Ages background for the Pevensies, and it's pretty amazing.

Oh, and also? Go see Mamma Mia. Go with girlfriends or female family, preferably. You will be glad you did. *loves on that movie*
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Author: Vivien
Title: Down the Rabbit Hole, Part 1
Pairing: Hermione/Tom
Rating: R
Spoiler Warnings: This is DH compliant up to a point. It is, however, very much an AU.
Summary: Four years after the defeat of Voldemort, Hermione finds she has a chance to defeat him again. This time, however, she faces a much different enemy than the monster.
Author's notes: Originally written in ficlet form for freetheelves2 as part of the Riddle Gifts challenge. Then it grew. Much thanks to Georgia for the thorough beta-ing, and to Kate and Lynette for their insight and feedback. This is the first time I’ve written in this pairing, and it was a huge challenge to make everything plausible. I hope you enjoy reading it!


Part One )
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I haven't done this in a while, but I could use something to focus my scattered HP thoughts upon.

Request an HP-related drabble, and I shall write it for you.

(DH Spoilers likely)
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I wrote two drabbles in a fit of inspiration (and a clearing of the head from an earlier margarita) for McTabby's Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon IV.

Prompt: Minerva McGonagall, first time, classroom


One is gen Minerva-Dumbledore, one is Minerva/Tom

Okay... now I go sleep. A lot.
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Over at [ profile] darklord_news, there is a fic/art challenge - the Dark Lord Wishfest

[ profile] ink_monkey wished for this: After a drunken one night stand (maybe after a party to celebrate finishing Hogwarts?), McGonagall tells Tom that she's pregnant. He has to marry her (to avoid a scandal, to avoid her enraged father, whatever reason), and finds his plans totally derailed by his resentful, shrewish bride. Set sometime after Hogwarts and before Hepzibah Smith's death. I'm envisioning this as a comedy, but any genre aside from tragedy or crackfic is fine.

Here is what I came up with!

A Beneficial Arrangement )
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I had an idea for a fic challenge - just 500 words (or more of course) based on the fanfic remix that [ profile] musesfool runs every year. This is the first time I've tried something like this, so bear with me. :)

I propose a Milliways Memories Remix!

There's a reason we memory threads - they are either funny, or important for plot, or, well, memorable. Let's open those threads we think were memorable for others to not only read, but to interpret and remix and write ficlets about.

This is how it will work. You will ask for five characters you'd like to read about (they can be your own). You offer to write for five characters (who are not your own, just to make it more challenging)who have at least 5 threads in their memories. I'm not going to check journals for memories, so you're going to have to do that.

You'd get assigned another person's request. You pick a requested character, choose a thread from his/her/its memories, and pick a moment to expand upon, a "what if it had gone this way" digression, or whatever. Make it funny, make it poignant, make it whatever you think the person you'd like in a ficlet form.

I'll take sign-ups through Saturday. I'll assign folks their requests sometime during next week. It's only 500 words, so let's make the due date April 1st. I will either make a community in which we can post on our own, or do a post in Millirific for people to comment to.

Comments are screened - only I will see them (I hope). Copy and paste the following and join the fun!

Tell me 5 (or 3 or 6 or whatever) characters you want to read (i.e. someone else will write about these as a surprise for you):

Tell me 5 characters you would write about for someone else:

Shall we be sneaky and post anonymously at first with a big reveal later? Yes or no
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Viv had a slow, slow workday.

Title: Happy Birthday, Ingress
Fandoms: Neverwhere
Characters/Pairings: Ingress, Arch, Door, and Portia
Prompt: #91 - Birthday
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I borrow them with respect.
Happy Birthday, Ingress )

Title: The Ripper
Fandoms: Neverwhere/choose your Jack the Ripper canon
Characters/Pairings: Jack the Ripper
Prompt: #88 He
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I borrow them with respect.

The Ripper )

Title: Crowley Below
Fandoms: Neverwhere/Good Omens
Characters/Pairings: Just Crowley
Prompt: #57 Lunch
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I borrow them with respect.
Crowley Below )
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Hmmm, so here's the thing. I love the idea of crossovers with Neverwhere... but I have lots of Neverwhere only ideas. So, I shall post the crossovers to [ profile] crossovers100 and the non-crossovers I'll post here, but I'll link them to the table anyway.

Title: The Beginning
Fandoms: Neverwhere
Characters/Pairings: They don't have names, the poor dears
Prompt: #001 Beginnings
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I borrow them with respect.

The Beginning )

Title: The Tale of Portico and Portia
Fandoms: Neverwhere
Characters/Pairings: Portico, Portia, Arch, Egress
Prompt: #27 Parents
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not my characters, but the House of Art ritual is partly mine. It was [ profile] miraielle's idea and was expounded upon at [ profile] milliways_bar and [ profile] house_of_arch.

The Tale of Portico and Portia )
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Title: The Sound of her Wings
Fandoms: Neverwhere/Sandman
Characters/Pairings: Arch, Death
Prompt: #30 Death
Word Count: 416
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't lay claim to any character or book, I just borrow occasionally

The Sound of her Wings )
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Title: In the Dark
Fandoms: Neverwhere/Sandman
Characters/Pairings: Ingress, Delirium
Prompt: #86 Cold
Word Count: 379
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't lay claim to any character or book, I just borrow occasionally.

In the Dark )
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I wrote this for Yuletide Treasure: Falling with a Star To Guide

It's Sandman fandom, more specifically Dream/Lucifer which both amused me greatly and was surprisingly easy to see. I'm rather proud of it, and the person I wrote it for liked it. So yay!
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I am rather stunned I wrote this so quickly. It started out as just funny, and then became sweet. I blame [ profile] labellerose

Blackberries for a Potion Master )

I am about ready to post the next, sex-o-rific chapter of Strange and Wondrous. Need a little more editing, and then it will be up. I am also getting the images needed for the next, action and angst-o-rific part after that, so hurray.
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Okay - I am in a triangle for the Blame Each Other challenge started by the divine [ profile] mctabby. I think I am blaming [ profile] aldalindil for this little Narcissa/Gilderoy story. Which was incredibly fun to write, by the way.

Whispered Reflections )


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