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Sometimes I am so amused by my kiddos that I forget how tired I am of teaching. This morning at breakfast I was sitting talking with one of my favorite little guys - a miserable, angry little boy who is often crying and always disgruntled and who reminds me of a little Tom Riddle. In a not so good way, you understand, but there it is - he even has the dark hair and blue eyes. So imagine my amusement when he starts talking about Harry Potter. We talked about PoA and favorite parts - he went on and on about the "Watch your head" part on the Knight Bus. He was laughing so I said, "Yeah, that's a funny part." He looked at me, serious as a heart attack and said "No, that's a scary part."

In other words: DUUUUH, teacher.

Then we went on to discuss the part where "he puts on the magic blanket and the magic blanket disappears him and he throws snowballs at the scary guys. But the scary guys ran away because they were scared." We also discussed how the "bird horse" was cool. Another kid joined in the conversation and said "I like the man who has magic that turns him to a dog so he can fight the werewolf. Then the magic turns him back to a man."

The magic blanket disappears him.... I loff.

And did you know that in the movies there are two Harry Potters and a girl? Sporfle... poor Ron.


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