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Veronica Lake

By the way, I give Crimson Peak a shivery thumbs up. SO GOOD.
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Hello, kind author! Thank you for writing a yuletide treasure for me. I appreciate your time and creativity.

I'm a pretty laid back recipient. I don't really have any triggers. I love world building and cool in-character conversations. My favorite characters are complex with lots of layers and motivations for doing what they do. Morally ambiguity is a bulletproof kink, and if you write me a story with interesting women and/or girls being awesome, I'll love it.

I enjoy both smut and fade-to-black and gen fic all the same. I'll enjoy what you feel comfortable writing, in other words, so don't feel you have to meet any kind of expectation in that regard.

I do have some annoyances I'd rather not run into: slash for the sake of slash, erasure/diminishing of female characters to make way for said slash, MPREG, extreme violence, torture, and/or gore, and spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes beyond the one or two that can slip through beta reading. I'm not a huge fan of AUs. I like canon, even if it needs a little fixin' sometimes.

Specific fandoms:
The Inner City Wizard School Key & Peele sketch )

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt )

Mad Max Series )

Only Lovers Left Alive )

Mr. Robot )
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Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West
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(I blame hockey for the lapse yesterday)

31 Days of Wonderful Witches - Day 6
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Fear of the Walking Dead had it's finale tonight and while there are some vague spoilers, under the cut, it's mostly me rambling about zombie apocalypses )


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