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Sorry I didn’t have this ready for assignments, creator. I’m delighted for you to be creating fandom tidbits for me!

General likes: I'm happy with gen! I'm happy with higher ratings! Mostly, if you write something for me, I'll be happy. Same with visuals. I asked for up to mature ratings, but honestly, it's fine whatever you do.

General dislikes: Out of characterness, women not being awesome when they are supposed to be, slash for the sake of slash when female characters are sidelined.

My fandom choices, and what I like:
Neverwhere – the world building, the thought of time forgotten and solidified in London Below, Door is my favorite character

Buffy – I watched every episode from the moment it aired. I loved it from start to finish – even season 6. My favorite episodes are “Band Candy” and “Fool for Love”. I shipped all the canonical ships and Buffy/Spike was (and still is) my super favorite. I love all of the Scoobies, and, as I’ve gotten older, developed an even greater appreciation for Giles.

Lord of the Rings – I love the books! I have a love/hate relationship with the movies. It looks perfect, but it strays from the books in ways I am not okay with (i.e. ACTION when there wasn’t any, Merry being a fool when he was a prince, of sorts, and very smart) Meriadoc Brandybuck was my childhood sweetheart. I am not ashamed of this!

One quick do not want - Bagginshield creeps me out.

Parks and Rec – I love this show. It’s funny without being mean, and all of the women are awesome and I love them. The guys are awesome, too, and I love them, but the ladies? Oh, ladies of Parks and Rec. My favorite episode is Pawnee Rangers, but the first "treat yourself" episode gives me life.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Pretty much the same as P&R, this is another show that’s hilarious without being mean. I love all of these silly people. No particular ships, but I sure do love Captain Holt with undying love.

The Walking Dead – I have tried to quit this show and I just can’t. They suck me in every plot twist, and I’m invested. Carol Peletier is my goddess.

Star Wars – THIS IS MY SUPER FAVORITE MOST ACTIVE FANDOM RIGHT NOW. My Tumblr is shelikespretties, and it's chock full o' SW right now. SW was my first one – I saw the initial release as an impressionable seven-year-old – and adored it through Return of the Jedi. Then my interest waned, but I still loved Princess Leia (and Darth Vader, I was a weird kid). The prequels happened. I was not impressed, and sadly packed away my SW fandom loves as fond childhood memories. I know very little of the EU, since my love faltered.

Then I saw The Force Awakens, and when that light saber flew into Rey’s hand, oh. My love was rekindled. I’m hitting new Star Wars continuity pretty hard, and loving it. My one specific “please don’t” is around Kylo Ren/Ben Solo – I like him as both an interesting character and a villain with hopes of redemption (BECAUSE LEIA DESERVES SOME HAPPINESS DAMMIT). I’m super fond of Rey kicking his ass handily, though, so he can be the villain? I just don’t want him to be lessened or equated with Hux, because they are very different villains (and I hate Hux). I ship Rey/Kylo, but I do not require that in any product unless you’re cool with it.
In summation: I love General Organa with all my heart, and like pretty much everyone else. The villains are great to boo.

Harry Potter – I love magical worlds, and the HP world is one of my very favorites. I love characters solving problems with magic, seeing friends working magic together, and seeing love triumph over hatred. Professor McGonagall is my favorite. I’m not too keen on Marauder’s Era stuff. I like Voldemort as a villain – he was a fine villain, and, as you’ve probably noticed, I have a soft spot for the bad guys (and wrote a lot of Minerva McGonagall/Tom Riddle back in the day because they were schoolmates at Hogwarts canonically).

Pitch Perfect – I saw this on the tag list and added it because this movie makes me smile. It’s all about the ladies.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Toph, Toph, and more Toph. I love Toph. So much. I love them all! Sokka, Aang, and Katana are delightful, and - SURPRISE! – I like Zuko and his redemptive arc SO much. That’s what a redemptive arc should look like. Oh, and Uncle Iroh. Love Uncle Iroh. Not so keen on shipping in this fandom because they are tiny children. But they can blush and stammer at each other – that’s perfectly fine.


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