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Here are my thoughts. I really need to see it again, by the way. Perhaps a few more times. Ahem. But this is what I am thinking right now.

Rey - she seems to be of the Kenobi line. I don't know why, but I thought it pretty much the whole time. Reading others' speculations solidified this theory for me.

I LOVE HER. By the way. I didn't know how much I longed for her, and the fact that girls are seeing this movie makes me so, so, so very happy.

I'm not feeling the need to ship her with anyone. I just want her to continue being incredible, however that plays out. And have more showdowns with Kylo Ren.

Side note: If she was a youngling in Luke's Jedi Academy, it makes perfect sense that the Force would come to her the way it did when she was under duress. I didn't find that far-fetched at all. She's heard of the myth of Luke Skywalker and the stories of the past, so in a fight or flight desperate situation, a scrappy person like Rey is going to try as many ways out as she can.

Kylo Ren - Okay, I love the Emo Kylo Ren jokiness, but I actually really liked the character. There is a lot of splainin' to do, since as I've seen pointed out elsewhere, what on earth could have made Ben Solo turn? I mean, Han and Leia might not have been the universe's best parents, but his growing up couldn't have been as bad as Anakin's. I'm going to trust the story telling. For now. Mostly because the redemption trope is strong with this one, and I LIKE THAT TROPE OKAY.

(I also did not know the reveal about who he was. I gasped audibly. It was a FANTASTIC moment.)

Finn - John Boyega was delightful! I like the idea of Finn. I... have a little more trouble with accepting that a stormtrooper brainwashed since early childhood could all of a sudden have this change of heart. It is much more far-fetched to me than Rey picking up the Force so, ahem, forcefully. But maybe he is Special and that will Explain it. I will be fine with that!

Poe - I didn't really get to know Poe Dameron well enough to have much of an opinion about him. He seems very cool and interesting, and I wish to know more! Hopefully he will have some meatier scenes in the next movie that give him the depth he deserves. I would be a-okay with Finn/Poe, because I am getting zero Rey vibes for either of them.

Plot Holes - ZOMG so many. I really didn't care. This was so close to A New Hope, and it felt like, in a way, a reboot of the series in addition to a next movie. Although I was disappointed by the "No Seriously This Is Even MORE POWERFUL Than the Death Star" base. I mean, how does the funding go into these projects? It must cost an arm and a leg. Or someone's arm and leg. And the scientific design is so poor. I mean, come on, work on the known flaws, people. This article has some great questions and speculations, and I record it here for future reference:

Snokes must be very teensy. Kind of like the Fear Demon in Buffy. "Don't taunt the fear demon." "Why, is it dangerous?" "No, it's just tacky."

Han and Leia (and Luke) - Sigh. I am sad that their story had such bumps, and I'm terribly sad that Han Solo was killed. But General Leia continues to rock my world. I hold out hope for another happy ending.


Chewbacca - when did he become a big baby about getting hurt? I don't recall that. It was a teensy bit annoying, but I will allow it. For now.

C3PO and R2-D2 - oh, darling droids. How I love you both.

Evil Ginger General was very evil and ginger. Quite younger than the right-hand generals of my youth. I miss the gravitas of Peter Cushing. But the inexperience would explain why he thought another Death Star-Ish set up would work.

I liked more things, too, Maz's castle/cantina, the ending, the flailing of the inexperienced light saber wielders, seeing the Millennium Falcon in action again...

The next one has a lot to prove, though. I let a whole lot slide, and my faith in the series is not fully restored. I will hope for the very best.


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